Chasing the sheep in Grasmere (among other things)

This post is part of a series about the Lake District, Cumbria, England. For those who have missed the first parts:

– Part 1: Hiking in lake district, from Rydal to the top of Loughrigg Fell
– Part 2: A taste of Iceland… in the middle of the Lake District


Grasmere is quite a popular destination when visiting the Lake District. The village is situated really in the middle of everything, which makes a great base to go exploring the lakes. In addition to the great location, the village is overlooked by great mountains and is very pretty. When we visited during our Easter getaway, the top of the mountains were still covered with snow. It looked really gorgeous, like a postcard. I wish we had a blue sky, but it wasn’t raining so I shouldn’t complain too much ! :-)

There are many walks that are starting from the center of the village. We did one that started at the Broadgate Meadow car park. It took us along the river and up a tiny hill where we could see so many nice looking sheep grazing around. There were a bit shy, and it was impossible to approach them, despite many attempts ;-)

For the foodies (I know there are some among my readers :-)), Grasmere is also the home of the famous Grasmere gingerbread ! The town is full of pubs, restaurants and little souvenirs shops. We had an afternoon snack in one little cafe and it was delicious !

There is also a nice church near the river, St Oswald’s Church, that dates from the 13th century. The churchyard is lovely and you can find the famous Wordsworth’s grave. William Wordsworth was a famous English romantic poet from the 19th century. Here is a excerpt of Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood, (lines 1-9).

There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth, and every common sight,
To me did seem
Appareled in celestial light,
The glory and the freshness of a dream.
It is not now as it hath been of yore;
Turn wheresoe’er I may,
By night or day,
The things which I have seen I now can see no more

Not too far way from the church, there is the Grasmere Garden Village, a wonderful shop for green-fingered, passionate about flowers or simply curious people :-)

Grasmere was very nice but is totally given over the tourist industry. However, I can’t deny it’s a wonderful village and is worth to stop by during your exploration of the Lakes. I much prefer the atmosphere of Grasmere than Ambleside :-)

What do you think about a photo collage featured at the beginning of a post ? Do you think it’s important to make a post friendly ? Do you have some program to recommend ?


86 responses to “Chasing the sheep in Grasmere (among other things)

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  2. I love all your photos Gin – collage or stand alone! I use galleries a lot myself as that is my personal preference but I do use some stand alone ones to highlight things. I’m sure I went to Grasmere with my family when I was growing up – it looks familiar! I used to have to learn Wordsworth’s poetry for English at school, “I wandered lonely as a cloud…” something to do with daffodils springs to mind! Anyway great photos – you really get the feel of the place! :)


  3. What an adorable village! And I have to be honest, I’ve never seen sheep that look like that! Very cool!

    I loved the collage at the beginning. Almost like a tiny taste of what’s to come. :)


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  5. What a beautiful and quaint little village. Grasmere looks like it’s right out of a fairy tale book! As for collage, I use Pic Monkey and Fotor when I have many photos to share, but single images are by far the best. Collage can be distracting because there are too many different images cramped in one photo. :-)


  6. My life seems to be a perpetual posture of being jealous of your travels. I have always wanted to hike the Lake District and now will have to wait until (at least) I retire. Such beautiful shots! (sigh)


  7. First of all, I love the photo with the stone wall! Also, a few words on cemeteries: 1. I love wandering through them and think many are very beautiful and peaceful (I did a whole post on cemeteries once!). 2. I agree that it’s not disrespectful or rude but, like you, I would not be snapping pics if mourners were around! 3. It’s odd that I find cemeteries interesting as a traveler because I hate the idea of them in general! I feel like they waste precious land space, and I don’t want to be in one myself!


    • There is a very peculiar atmosphere in these places, I agree. It’s really a step back in time, you can feel the history. And the architecture it’s really interesting :-) I would love to visit some cemeteries in Ireland for example, for the Celtic heritage.

      I share your views about cemetery, I wouldn’t to be in one myself either :-)

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    • It’s very pretty, I love being able to be so close to the mountains but still enjoying the English countryside. I’ve seen that you have been to Ireland. It looks very nice as well, and they also have plenty of sheep over there :-) I would love to visit, the nature looks also gorgeous :-)


  8. Beautiful pictures, as always! Love the sheep, and for once, I think even the cemetery looks pretty good haha. This looks like a gorgeous area :) Should consider adding it to my list!


    • You know, I’m quite fascinated by cemeteries. I love the crosses and all the old carvings. It is so pretty. And It has a Celtic taste, I really love it ! You don’t like cemetery usually ? I often wonder if people think it’s rude to take pictures in these kind of places.

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      • I guess it depends on the cemetery. In Ro, most of them, are very ugly. Old cemeteries are quite interesting though, but I can’t say I’m a fan :) I don’t think is rude to take pictures, but I think some very religious people might disagree with us.


  9. Funny, I thought of Wordsworth’s “I wandered lonely as a cloud” poem when I read your previous post on the daffodils in the Lake District. It looks so much like a fantasy of the English countryside there–even down to the weather.
    I am a huge lover of gingerbread, but had never heard of the Grasmere variety. Looks amazing. Too bad they keep the recipe a secret.


    • I always associate narrow and windy roads, dry walls and sheep with the English countryside. With the mountains in the background, it’s beyond being gorgeous. We stayed there 3 and half days. First day was sunny and warm, second was sunny but cold day, third was the day we visited Grasmere and it was pretty grey. The day we left, it was sunny, but the wind was also cold. The weather is always changing over there, better to be prepared ;-)

      Have you ever tried to make gingerbread ?


  10. I’ve never been to the Lake District, but an email friend of mine who loves to take photographs lives there, so I had an inkling of how beautiful it is. I would love to visit some day. Your photo essay of Grassmere is beautiful. My friend tells me the sheep in the Lake District are a special breed called Herdwick sheep. Wonderful post. ~ Jeannie :))


    • Oh I didn’t know about the breed of sheep. It’s true that they don’t look the same as in Iceland or Belgium. They are quite cute :-) It must be wonderful to live over there, in such wilderness, your friend must be very lucky. Is she involved in the tourism industry ? I hope you will get the chance to visit.


      • My friend is an artist and her husband has his own business. She loves nature very much and takes full advantage of living in such a beautiful place—they go on weekly outings and hikes all over—she does indeed feel lucky to live there. Wishing you a very happy weekend! :))


    • I used Ribbet, but I don’t recommend the program, it’s not user friendly. That’s why I asked recommendation here. I’ve also tried picmonkey, but I have mixed feelings about this software. It’s not always easy to use and you have to pay to use some features. Another user is using fotor, I’ve never tried it… but I may give it a go !

      Thank you for the encouraging words ! It’s difficult to write when it’s not your first language, but I try my best :-)


  11. I didn’t know about Grasmere gingerbread – definitely going to have to try that out!! I always get slightly obsessed with sheep in the Lake District and take stacks of pictures of them, I like the fact you can’t approach them, cows freak me out a bit for the opposite reason, they’re a bit too nosey!! Lovely pictures again – I like the collage but I like the stand alone way too – variety is great!


  12. I haven’t the knowledge to do collages but I’ve to admit that the originals seems to have more vivid colors, probably the program added a translucent layer to highlight the text. I don’t notice so much difference with the format of galleries but then again I’m a typical man and we are quite dumb to notice details (“a difference? err… a new haircut? the anniversary? ” XD)
    Lovely flowers, and good work with the village, if you wouldn’t mark that it’s a touristic village I’d believe that it was just a traditional place.


    • haha, ! Don’t be too hard on yourself ;-) The only difference with galleries is the text display. I think I prefer the gallery ! The quality of pictures seems a bit better. But I will give it another go before reaching my final decision :D

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  13. I like collages but that’s because I find them easier to illustrate what we get up to rather than a long list of standalone pictures. But it’s individual preference definitely! Grasmere looks lovely. I like there are lots of pubs!


  14. Do I think the collage is needed to make the post friendly? Not sure if that was part of the first question, Gin. Collages are nice, but I personally am fan of stand alone photos…but that is just me.



    • Yes, it was my question :-) I have mixed-feeling about collage, but I’m trying some new things, I’m not sure I will keep going in that direction though :-) But it’s nice to experiment a bit, it’s part of the fun :-) Thanks for you opinion !

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