Tarn Hows, one hidden gem of the Lake District

This post is part of a series about the Lake District, Cumbria, England. For those who have missed the first parts:

– Part 1: Hiking in lake district, from Rydal to the top of Loughrigg Fell
– Part 2: A taste of Iceland… in the middle of the Lake District
– Part 3: Chasing the sheep in Grasmere (among other things)

Tarn hows (2)Tarn Hows is situated at the North East of Coniston, in the Central part of the Lake District. It’s a very popular destination as it is quite picturesque. It is possible to walk aournd the tarn, or just enjoy the views from one of the viewpoints. Without knowing its existence, it could be easily missed. The lady at the b&b recommended us the visit and we are very grateful :-)

When we arrived in Tarn Hows that morning, it was pouring down. Yep, it wasn’t going to be a great day. We tried to get out of the car to take a few pictures of this supposed amazing place, but we ended up completely drenched in less than two minutes. We had to be realistic, it was not going to be very pleasant to go out under so much wind and rain.

We sought refuge inside of the car, and looked at the map of the region. This walk wasn’t going to happen. We decided instead to go Grasmere ! It sounded better… maybe we could find a nice café over there… The drive took us through a beautiful valley and close to Lake Windermere.

After our little exploration of grasmere, (in details in the previous post), we realized that the weather has improved a lot and decided to go back to Tarn hows. This place is known to be a hidden gem and people are praising its beauty. So we were curious to see it under much favorable conditions !

That was such a good decision to go back, otherwise we would have missed this incredible view !!

There are two parking as you can see in the picture below. I recommend stopping at the disable parking to get a wonderful view before going to the regular car park.

Tarn Hows

Places are never the same twice, changing with time of day, weather and season :-) I’m sure you’ve already experienced that during one of your travel experiences ! 

We ended the day by eating some food at the pub close to our b&b.

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73 responses to “Tarn Hows, one hidden gem of the Lake District

  1. England seems to have so many picturesque places that you can visit, but is the weather somewhat more reliable there than in London? I’d hate to fly all the way there and be rained on. Thanks for joining us for The Weekly Postcard.


    • No I’m afraid, the weather is really unpredictable. It can be pouring down then one hour later, a bright sunshine. Always pack your waterproof if you heading there :D And it was really cold as well :-)

      The English countryside is one of my favourite, I love how green and lush it is.


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  3. Wonderful views again and looks like a delicious meal at the end of the day – walking in the wet and cold would really build up a good appetite! Hope you’re having a good week – I’m starting to get over the jet lag yay! :)


  4. I love the landscape of this walking route, they look stunning and so green..oh with water as well…I can see the hikers can easily gain back all the calories lost after the walking by delicious food treat :D


  5. I’m really happy for you and for us readers the weather improved that day. The views are delicate and so enchanted that I’m really impressed. And the food at the end of the day looks so delicious. Hhhmm… Have a lovely week! :)


  6. Sometimes you just have to work around the weather… glad it cleared up so you could go back to Tarn Hows. The lady in your B&B did not lie, it is very picturesque! And the fish & chips looks delicious…


  7. This is one of the reasons I like staying in B&Bs–the owners always seem to know the secret places that we might miss otherwise! This spot is gorgeous!


  8. The weather makes such a difference doesn’t it – we’ve shivered and been soaked through at the lakes many a time, it feels like a completely different place when the sun shines and the rain clears. That food looks so delicious too!!


  9. Sometimes we get lost in the right direction! Such a lovely area! Good thing you’ve decided to go back :) I can see why people are praising it for its beauty. Have a great weekend! x


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