A Buddhist temple hidden in the outskirts of Ulverston

After our little exploration of the Lake District, we took the road back to Manchester because it was time for me to catch my flight. On our way, we stopped at a Buddhist temple located near Ulverston.

I’ve been to a Buddhist temple in Belgium before, and I remembered how well decorated it was, so I thought it could be good to have a little stop-over over there. The temple is located at Conishead Priory, on the outskirts of Ulverston. The Priory has been a place to treat all kind of diseases and a convalescent home for miners in the past, and for the past 25 years it has been home to a Buddhist center, the Kadampa Temple for World Peace.

In addition, the Buddhist Temple has 70 acres of gardens and there is a part of the woodland leading down to the beach.

It was delightful to walk there, we saw plenty of spring flowers in full bloom :-) The beach was a bit better than the one in Ravenglass.

After the walk, we had a cake and a pot of tea. It was delicious and very cheap.

After the cake, we joined for a 30 minutes relaxation session in the first Kadampa Temple for World Peace, which houses the largest bronze statue of Buddha cast in the West. There was a lot of offerings in the temple, I was amazed to see that many rows of water offerings.

It was a nice place to visit, and the most unexpected one !



78 responses to “A Buddhist temple hidden in the outskirts of Ulverston

  1. What a delightful place Gin and the tea and cake look so yummy! A surprising place to come across – beautiful photos you have taken of the flowers and temple too :)


  2. Such a beautiful temple. Your photography really is outstanding. I was showing it to my husband last night as an example of where i would like to get to with our photos.


  3. The temple and its surroundings look like a great place to visit. I like that owl-stone sculpture – it looks like a giant cookie! Well, or at least has the texture of a cookie… And that cake looks soooo delicious, Look at that cream. Good on you for having a small slice…but if you had more I wouldn’t blame you :D


  4. Call it stereotyping! i’m guilty! Did not expect that your post on Ulverston would highlight a Buddhist Temple as the main subject. Having said that, it looks like a gorgeous and tranquil place, having all the right conditions for prayer and meditation. Lovely photos of the surrounds!


  5. That’s such a lovely temple, in a bit of a random location although the area is beautiful. Great photos of the inside! I’ve only ever seen the outside and the grounds, but I should go in at some point!


  6. Lovely flower photos. You really have some drastic and interesting depth of field. Is that through the lens or did you manipulate them using software during post processing?


    • It’s the nifty fifty (prime lens, 50 mm, Nikon), my favourite lens for taking pictures of flowers :D I love the bokeh it can create. I’m not that good with post processing to create a depth of field :D

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  7. What a beautiful setting! Gorgeous flowers and that cake looks delicious. I’ve never been to one of these temples so thank you for sharing their delights with such an excellent collection of photos. You do take such lovely pics! :-)


    • I’ve only been to two Buddhist temples in Europe. Both visits were different, but as interesting. The gardens were really pretty, and the spring flowers are such a delight to take photograph of :-)

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  8. Looks like a great find ~ the second series of photos are fantastic, great use of lighting and shadows make the colors seem so rich. Cheers to a great week ahead.


  9. Wow, surprising discovery. What a lovely place. The pictures of the flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like the perfect combination for a pleasant day :)


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