Keukenhof in White

Last year, I’ve discovered the beauty of Keukenhof Gardens, a spring garden only open for eight to nine weeks each year. The planting of the hyacinths, tulips and other spring flowers is redesigned every year in order to ensure a new look to this beautiful place. Each visit is therefore a new experience !

In 2014, we had a lot of rain, so it was more difficult to take good pictures of the gardens, but this year, I had the chance to enjoy the sun peeking through the petals of these colorful flowers. Of course, it was a lot more crowded than the year before, but that’s the price to pay for visiting such a beautiful place under a bright sun. First, here is a gallery about my visit that took place in 2014… just to feel a bit nostalgic :-)

This year, I went there with my blogger friend, Lucy, and we had a blast. If you want to know more about the history of the place, maybe you can have a look at her entry, Keukenof – Flower paradise.

In many civilizations, white flowers represent both purity and death. These flowers seem more delicate than pink or red flowers, but it’s just my feeling. There were many different species of Narcissus, from uniform white specimens to flowers displaying coloured tepals or trumpet. Narcissus flowers have been cultivated from at least as early as the sixteenth century in the Netherlands, as well as in the UK, and is now a very popular garden flower. It was nice to see so many of them on display !

White tulips with a yellow center were also popular this year. Tulip cultivation is much older than Narcissus, and some records show the presence of these flowers in Persia around the 10th century. My favourite ones were the tiny tulips you can find at the end of the gallery. They look so delicate ! :-) I also had a lot of fun taking the picture of the tulip from below, I must have look ridiculous, laying down on the grass, but it was worth it ! :D

The tree blossoms also look very pretty… oh well, it’s neither Washington, Taïwan nor Japan, but I quite enjoyed seeing them :-)

Coming soon… Keukenhof in Yellow :-)


107 responses to “Keukenhof in White

  1. What a wonderful blog you have! I love every millimetre of it!
    I love all your beautiful photos- they are soo colourful and interesting!

    I agree 100% with your award free blog, since I’m in the same boat. I have very limited time, however, like yourself, I would also rather invest this time in to visit and comment on lovely blogs. :-) I am still honoured, like yourself, to receive award nominations :-)

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  3. Such beautiful photos Gin. I love looking at flowers – so much so, your post has made me decided to go to some gardens this weekend. Keukenof looks like a place I would love very much!


    • Awesome, I hope you will get nice weather to visit the gardens. Which gardens are you going to ? I’m sure you would love Keukenhof ! It’s really a magical place :-)


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  5. I wouldn’t have guessed you lied down on the grass to take some of these photos! But it was worth it, no matter how silly you may have looked, because these are a wonderful set of flower photos. I bet by the end of it you wanted to pluck a bunch and take home :D But I’m sure that’s not allowed, though I don’t see any fencing anywhere…come to think of it, many flower gardens I’ve been too don’t usually have fencing unless they are extremely rare species. People seem to have decency not to touch them :) <3


    • It’s not allowed indeed. It’s a garden, where you have to pay an entrance fee, and i’m sure the gardeners wouldn’t appreciate people plucking their little beauties ;-) Some people are touching, but most of them are really respectful :-) As for the grass… there was a sign don’t walk on it, but what about crawling ?! :D Oh well, no one said anything, so I suppose it’s allowed haha ! (just kidding, I was crawling on an authorized zone.. Well, I think…)


      • So it’s see no touch. At least it sounds like visitors are touching and stroking the flowers gently. Would be a shame if someone plucked them…maybe a child could get away with it, though.

        Haha! I think you squashed a few patches of grass as you got down on all fours ;) But grass can spring back up…I think… :D

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  6. I love springtime. I went to the bluebell fields last week and just love the bright colour everywhere. Your photos are so beautiful!


  7. I am not much for traveling, but I would love to visit one of the places in the world with such fantastic floral displays. You are fortunate to be able to visit these gardens.


  8. Beautiful – brings back lots of good memories from my trip to Keukenhof a few years back. I had the worst laryngitis and felt dreadful but was so glad I dragged myself out of bed, it was so pretty.


    • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that you were sick when you went there ! Being sick when travelling is dreadful, but sometimes, you can’t really do anything about it…. :-(


  9. Beautiful at several levels, a place that change every year, a landscape designed with colors of flowers and your photographs are amazing. I couldn”t imagine the acrobatics needed to take the tulip against the blue sky but it looks like a win to me :-)


  10. Beautiful pictures – I didn’t realise the gardens were only open in spring and redesigned each year. Really keen on visiting sometime – are the crowds really bad?


    • Hmm yeah, the crowds are really bad. If you stop to take pictures, people are always passing in front of you. No one wants to wait. If you take close-ups like me, you won’t be disturbed. But it’s a mad place !! I’ve been there during the week, and it was so so so busy. I can’t imagine how it is during weekend !

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  11. Oh yes, beautiful Keukenhof! I had such a great time!! Looking forward to another day out :) If you want to see how you looked like clicking those pictures, I can send you a few haha. Lovely shots! You managed to make the flowers look even more beautiful :) x


    • Yes, I’ve made these pictures in April, but I didn’t have time to post them before… busy busy life ! Thanks for stopping by, I hope everything is fine for you Takami :-)


  12. Beautiful photos, Gin! I love the White Tulips with the red petals.

    Our forest floor exploded with White Trillium yesterday. There are literally thousands of them within view from any vantage point!



    • Oh I think I’ve never seen White Trillium in the wild, it looks delightful. I’ve seen you’ve posted something about it, I will have a look but I must say that I don’t have a minute to myself these days ;-) I’m way behind reading blog posts. Do they have a special perfume like wood anemones ?


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