Keukenhof in Pink (and purple)

This post is the second of my Keukenhof Gardens series. If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to have a look at “Keukenhof in White“.

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens is a breathtaking experience. Flowers are gorgeous and the floral arrangements are amazing. The best way to enjoy them is to walk through the garden, trying to avoid as many tourists as possible (it’s not always easy)  :-) You can easily spend hours without even noticing it !… oh well, at least, I can ! ;-)

Pink flowers are often associated with love and pink tulips are quite popular over there, I’ve seen so many different species (but I didn’t think about taking notes about the species names… hmm… sorry about that). The mix between light pink and bright pink creates a wonderful feast for the eyes, especially when you look at the tulips below. How gorgeous, one of my favorite flowers !

Beside walking in the park, the visitors can also enjoy the floral displays inside the several glasshouses disseminate throughout the garden. Not all the flowers in Keukenhof are outside :-) The Beatrix glasshouse is home to thousands of orchids that will take your breath away. There was also some Anthurium and Bromelia displayed inside. When I went to Singapore during winter 2013, I had the chance to visit the National Orchid Garden, with more than 60 000 orchids on display. I would say that the Beatrix glasshouse is the second best show about orchids I’ve ever seen :-) Probably the best in Europe, but if you think I’m wrong, feel free to share your addresses with me in the comments below ;-) I would love to discover new places.

I wish you a good weekend ! It’s mother’s day in Belgium, but I think the date is different from one place to another ;-)


70 responses to “Keukenhof in Pink (and purple)

    • Thank you dear ! I’m good ! I’m in Scotland right now to enjoy some holiday. I’ll try to come back here anytime soon ! I miss you guys :-) I took many pictures of the lochs, mountains and old castles :-)

      I hope everything is going great for you Sophia ?

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  1. Love the pink and purple and the purple and blue combinations. I dream of a beautiful garden but my kids say I only do green well. I can’t seem to master getting thing to bloom all season.


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  3. it’s mothers’ day in Canada this weekend, and depending on where you live, the tulips are out, long past, or yet to come. your shots are lovely.


  4. We don’t celebrate it here, but happy mother’s day to you! I love the pictures. I know how excited you were about the orchids, so it’s great to see them displayed :) Spring is the best season! So much color and beauty! <3 Enjoy your weekend!


  5. They are surely beautiful! So crisp and colourful, and the gardens look so immaculate, almost like they are not actually real. I wonder if they ever get messy? Thankyou for such lovely colour, especially over here today, as it has been grey and raining all day :( Leah :)


    • People are working all the time, even during the opening hours. They are taking out withering flowers, planting new ones continuously so I don’t think it can get messy ;-). And 30 gardeners are working there full time. I think that’s the reason why it’s so well maintained ;-)

      Maybe the weather will get better, I hope so !


  6. Stunning an beautiful ~ I wish I could be walking around there now. I never thought about it much, as I rarely visit such parks/gardens, but when I do I am always blown away. Great photos!


    • I understand the mix feeling about parks and gardens. In a way, it’s much better to be able to see flora in the natural environment. But I can’t help to be fascinated by some floral arrangements in these places.


  7. I liked the white ones in the previous posts but these are just dazzling! These are not scenes I see in my part of the world, that’s for sure. :-)


    • All in all, it’s a nice mix. In some places you got white, then a few meters away, it’s vibrant purple.. the choose of colours is really well made. Australia is maybe a bit too hot for spring gardens ?

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      • There are parts of Australia that can have beautiful flower gardens in spring. It’s more so where I live that the water restrictions that can affect planting. I tend to see a lot of native shrubs and trees in gardens in my area that will flower at different times of the year and the flowers are often quite different to your blooms. A tulip garden is not something I have seen here. :-)


  8. Tulips are my favourites too – I have no idea about the different types though! The colours are amazing and your pictures are (as always) fantastic – you would think you had the whole place to yourself with not another tourist in the park. I think we are going to have to visit and put up with the crowds, it looks too good to miss. Our Mother’s Day is gone – always midway through Lent – so no special gifts for me on Sunday!! Hope your weekend is a great one.


    • Oh dear Joy, I would have loved to have the place to myself. Unfortunately, it was a permanent struggle. There were so many cars parked outside, it was crazy. Maybe it’s best to visit during the week and avoid the weekend ?

      Mother’s Day seems to be different in many countries.. how strange !

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    • C’est un jardin qui vaut le détour, si tu as l’occasion de le visiter, n’hésite pas ! C’est un festin pour les yeux :-) La photographe est ravie du compliment :-) Bon weekend, Hervé !


  9. I think I am running out of adjectives for these beautiful photos of these stunning flowers. We are starting to see an occasional tulip and daffodil but spring is shy in showing itself to us. Your photos are a lovely warm reminder that it will come. :)


  10. What s stunning display of colours! The flowers are beautiful – and great photos. Love the swans being blurry in the background in some of them. Tells about the ambience in the park. Lovely!

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  11. Once again, beautiful flowers. And more crouching down on the grass ;) These kinds of flowers like tulips don’t make me sneeze or set of my sinuses. I realise it’s usually when i’m near flowers with open petals that I sneeze the most :)

    I’ve never been to the orchid gardens in Singapore, only the Botanical Gardens there. Maybe some day. It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday in Australia. Happy Mother’s Day to your mum!

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    • Oh interesting sneezing facts ;-) At least, you know what kind of flowers to avoid.

      The Orchid Garden is just next to the Botanical Gardens, close to the Ginger Gardens. If I recall correctly, the entrance was free. If you have the chance, go and visit, it’s just amazing to see that many orchids !

      Yay, it’s Mother’s Day for you as well ! Do you celebrate ? Thank you for the wishes ;-)

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