5 Places I would love to revisit

A very long time ago, Two Brown Feet challenged me to talk about 5 places I would love to revisit. It took time for me to write that post, but here it is ! I think it’s an interesting topic. We are always hesitating between visiting a place we’ve already been to and discovering a new area. It’s very tempting to go back, and explore more and do everything we’ve missed during the previous trip. I’ve already been to Iceland twice, and I would lie saying I won’t love to revisit again… but beside the obvious Iceland, what are the other places I would love to revisit ? 5 places I would love to revisit

#1 León Dormido, San Cristóbal, Galapagos islands

León Dormido, also known as “Kicker Rock”, is a popular place for snorkeling or diving when you are visiting the Galapagos. It is an old lava cone that is now split in two. On the surface, it’s home to sea lions and boobies (as well as other sea birds), and underwater, a sanctuary for hundreds to thousands of marine creatures, including turtles, iguanas, penguins, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, colorful fishes, … 

Kicker Rock

The ocean is rich with different animals and you can see so much when you are down there. I’ve never had a diving experience as good as this one. Diving and snorkeling there was a magical experience. I would love to go back, be able to see the eagle Rays, the white-tip or the hammerhead sharks again… as well as these colorful creatures :-) The only drawback is that the current can be super strong. If we ever go back, I’ll be sure to bring a good camera, I would love to take nice pictures of this place full of life (as you can see, the quality of these pictures is quite awful). 

If you are curious to know more about my trip to the Galapagos, I was interviewed recently :-)

#2 Arches National Park, Utah, US

During summer 2013, we had the chance to stay in the US for 2 months, and we managed to visit many beautiful places, including a lot of National Parks ! Arches was one of them. In mid-July, the weather was quite hot, and in some places, it was close to 40°C (I destroyed the soil of my sandals for the record :D). We explored the park, saw wonderful shaped rocks like the Balanced Rock, one of the most popular features of the park.

When we arrived on the path leading to the Delicate Arch, one of the other iconic features of Arches NP, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was so hot, I felt awful and we didn’t have enough water with us. I felt dizzy. I told Le to keep going without me (probably with a very dramatic face, like “go.. don’t look behind, be strong for both of us”.. that’s how I remember it but I’m sure sure it’s far from the reality ;-)). I went back to the parking lot, stopping every 5 meters to sit down.. yes, it took me forever to go back there. When he came back one hour later, I felt so sad to have missed this beautiful place, especially when I look at this picture taken by Le. I wish I kept going… *sighs*…  this is my biggest regret of this US trip ! So I would love to be back, select a better time of the day and do that damn hike ! Arches, Utah.

#3 Copenhagen, Denmark.

I quite like the atmosphere of the Nordic countries, especially Sweden and Iceland (no big revelations here :D). But these weren’t the first countries I’ve visited. Actually, Copenhagen was my first visit to the North of Europe (I went there for a conference in 2012)  and it was such a pleasant surprise. I remembered visiting Christiana town, Rosenborg Slot, the harbour, the ‘The Little Mermaid‘ statue, and many other sights ….I think I managed to visit most of the highlights of this capital, but I would love to visit a bit the outskirt of the town, and why not the countryside… or a Copenhagen off the beaten path ;-)

#4 Croatia

I keep a wonderful memory of our trip to Croatia that took place during summer 2012 ! We spent a bit more than 2 weeks exploring the Dalamatian Coast, visiting beautiful National parks including Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Mljet and Kornati islands.

We also ate such good food and we discovered an addiction to the bitter lemon ! :-) I would love to go back and explore the North !

#5 Landmanalaugar, Iceland

I’ve been to Iceland twice already, and each time we are back we are thinking about what we’ve missed ! We fell in love with the Highlands, its rich coloured mountains as well as the outstanding contrasts appearing in the lava fields. It was truly amazing and it was only a taste, we only spent two days over there ! We would love to go back there for a least a week, hike in Lanmanalaugar and see some hidden waterfalls :-) Third’s time the charm they say :-)

If you want to write about places you would love to revisit, don’t hesitate ! It could be fun !


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  1. Beautiful pictures! I have had the opportunity to visit only Arches national park; waiting to see other places, especially Galapagos and Iceland. If you ever re-visit Arches don’t miss out hiking the ‘Devil’s garden’ either.

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