Reminiscence of spring

Time if flying ! I’ve just finished posting pictures about my little exploration of the Keukenhof Gardens that took place in April, before realizing that I also took some pictures in my garden around that time. The crocuses where out, the forsythia were in full bloom… It was a lovely afternoon. The first sunny day in a very long time !

Enjoy your weekend !


84 responses to “Reminiscence of spring

  1. Beautiful images and garden. With the drought in California, we haven’t planted anything new even though we need to. We’re saving money on landscaping, but the situation is getting worse, especially for folks in the central valley.


  2. The Keukenhof gardens are beautiful and the spring
    is a beautiful season with all these flowers to discover.
    Wonderful series.
    Have a nice week.


    • Oh you’ve seen it !!!! I loved that film, it was so so beautiful. And the music was gorgeous. I love documentaries about nature :-) I had a surprise departure party on Sunday, and since then, I’ve been pretty busy. Sorry for the delay, but thank you :-) I had fun on Sunday !! :-)

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  3. Your garden looks gorgeous – you must have green fingers!! Time is definitely flying – can’t believe we’re zooming towards summer, just wish the weather here would start to realise that!!


  4. I wish to be, at least for a while, five centimetres tall to explore and rest in that fairy garden. I like how the normal can be extraordinary with another point of view. Thanks :-)


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