Bye bye Belgium ! A new adventure begins !

It’s my last day in Belgium, and tomorrow, I’ll be living permanently in the UK (in Leeds). No more views from Belgium I’m afraid ! ;-)

Byebye belgium

It’s a view from the Citadel of Namur, my hometown. The place I took my boyfriend the first time he came to visit me in Belgium. This is an old picture, my hair was a lot shorter at that time (3 years ago). So much has changed in 3 years ! For the best !

As soon as I’m settled, I’ll come back here :-) With more adventures to share ! :-) It won’t be long, I promise ;-)



156 responses to “Bye bye Belgium ! A new adventure begins !

  1. Wishing you all the best in your move to the UK. I know when we moved there from the US we enjoyed it immensely. Hope you do too … plus you won’t be too far away from home. :) Terri


  2. UK, c’est presque “next door”, tu pourras y revenir any time… :-)
    bon courage et bonne installation à Leeds! my very best and good luck in all your present & future endeavours! amicalement, Mélanie


  3. Bon voyage and very best wishes for your move to the Uk Gin! It’s so interesting that you’re moving to my home town of Leeds (that’s what I call my home town since I lived there for 12 years and did most of my schooling there). Most of my immediate UK family still live in Yorkshire – my mum and dad in Harrogate and I usually pass through Leeds once a year on visits home! I’m going to love hearing how you’re getting on! Enjoy your holiday in Scotland and hope you’re settling into your new life in the UK well :)

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    • If you ever go back to West Yorkshire in future I hope we’ll be able to meet for a tea or a coffee :-)

      Scotland is s bit rainy but we are enjoying ourselves. We are close to Oban right now and we enjoy the seafood :-)


      • That would be lovely Gin :) We’re likely to be over again next year so I’ll be coming to Yorkshire then – possibly April time again though we haven’t made any definite plans yet. It would be great to meet up in person and I always love a good cup of tea! Will keep you posted! I’ve been to Oban once on a family holiday when I was 17. I’d been in France on an exchange programme and I remember getting the train from Leeds to Oban then the ferry across to Mull where we were staying. It was very beautiful but I wasn’t very appreciative at that stage – I’d left a French boyfriend behind in France and would rather have been there – it’s very funny to think back to that now! I hope the weather brightens up for you – the seafood sounds delicious! :)

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  4. Good luck for your new move! Funnily enough, I’ve lived in the UK most of my life and yet I don’t think I’ve ever been to Leeds so maybe you can fill me in on what’s going on up there! ☺


  5. What?!?!? Congratulations! I know nothing about Leeds so I am looking forward to your new posts especially now! :-)


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