Exploring Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

After hiking Ben A’an, we were super hungry as we didn’t bring any food with us but pistachios. So we stopped at the first place we found on the road to Aberfoyle, in the Lodge Forest Visitor Center. We ordered food and… hmm…. that burger tasted so good… I couldn’t help but think it was the best burger I’ve ever had. It was probably due to starvation more than anything else ! :D

We finally arrived in Aberfoyle in mid-afternoon, a charming little village where you can find The Scottish Wool Centre ! Over there, you can learn a bit more about the different breed of sheep and see them outside ! It was a lot of fun ! Check out this cute lamb !!! Isn’t it cute ? hmmm ? And the weather was gorgeous :-)

There was one last place we wanted to check it out before going back to our b&b: Inchmahome Priory, the Augustinian monastery dating from 1238. Once we arrived there, around 4.45 pm, it was too late to get a boat to go to the island and visit the priory. But we could admire the Lake of Menteith which is quite scenic :-) So.. it wasn’t that bad !

We were back in Callander just on time for supper ! We ate at the Waverley Hotel, and despite the portions being small, the fish was delicious !

Waverley Hotel, Callander

Since the weather looked gorgeous that night, we went back outside around 10 pm to have a late stroll around the river. The trees, reflecting on the water were quite nice and left me with a peaceful feeling :-)

The next morning, I started to feel the effect of the Ben A’an hike, and it was very painful to get up :-) The B&B people recommended us to check out Bracklinn Falls before leaving, an iconic little waterfall located at the North East of Callander that has been featured in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail film.

We parked and followed the trail leading to the falls. The original cast-iron bridge was destroyed by flooding in 2004 and was replaced by nice wooden bridge. It’s a nice waterfall but very difficult to photograph due to the trees around :-)



68 responses to “Exploring Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

    • It was a nice evening stroll, minus all the midges. The trees were really soothing, the atmosphere was quiet and nice. We had a great time. Then we bought humus and apple, and watched orange is the new black. Wonderful evening :D

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  1. I’ve got Scotland firmly on my to do list and you’re not doing anything to diminish my desire to explore the countryside there.

    There’s a TV documentary series about Scotland airing in Oz at the moment which I’m trying to watch. It covered Loch Lomond just a few days ago.

    Keep the Scotland posts coming!


    • Oh you won’t be disappointing if you ever go there. The landscape is just incredible ! And it’s so green. I would like to watch this tv documentary,I’ll do some research ! :-)


  2. Lol, best burger you’ve ever eaten? Perhaps it’s true. The bun looks flat that it almost makes the burger look like a sandwich :D I’m sure it gave you the energy for the exhausting hike! That wooden bridge looks very nice – and doesn’t look like the sagging kind :)


  3. I love the photos, you capture the English countryside so well – especially the lamb. I’m not surprised you were so hungry – that burger looks amazing. And you’re right that fish portion is a bit small – I bet I could’ve had eaten two after all the walking you did!


  4. Cute little lamb and I love all the water shots. I think you’re in England now; how far a drive is it for you to the Loch Lomond area? How nice to have that gorgeous country in your backyard now!


  5. I just love places where it is daylight so late in summer. Don’t know this area at all but it looks stunning – the food looks great too!! Torn now between that lamb and the highland cow as to which is the cutest!!


    • Oh I’m surprised you don’t know this area. This is quite famous for tourists,there are so many bnb over there ! And apparently, it has been a popular destination for a very long time. People love Loch Lomond :-)

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  6. Still I think sunlight at 10 pm is something fantastic and surreal… that hamburger looks very good, have passed some years since I bought one. The falls are my favorite, I’m happy the pain couldn’t stop you, that speaks a lot of your determination (y)


  7. Beautiful landscape! Love the sheep. Yesterday we saw tons of sheep too. They are using them to graze the Rockefeller Preserve. This is something new they are trying out. They were so cute.


  8. Great landscape shots ~ but it is the one of the little lamb through the fence that is priceless, wonderful shot. Nothing like a good meal to complement a good day.


      • I am hoping to come back for 6 weeks (including 10 days in Iceland). Planning on hiking the West Highland Way, going to the Orkney Islands (which I haven’t been to since I was a little girl), as well as visiting friends & family in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen, and doing a road trip to revisit some favourite haunts. It’s going to be a packed trip, but I haven’t been back for 2.5 years (and indeed by the time I go next year it will be 3.5 years!) so there’s so much to catch up on!


        • We would like to visit Orkney, we didn’t have time to do it this time, but it sounds like an interesting place !

          Oh your program sounds interesting but very action-packed indeed ! :-)


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