Half and Half : Stillness in motion

When I hiked in Weem Woods earlier this month, I took this strange picture. I was heading towards Rock of Weem and St David’s Well, when this little bush sparked my curiosity…

Half and half - Stillness to motion

To be honest, I don’t know how I managed to get this result. I think I moved my camera by accident :D

This was my contribution to the WordPress photo challenge 


98 responses to “Half and Half : Stillness in motion

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  2. I think it turned out excellent – even if it was by accident:) The flower is crips and clear with a beautiful effect in the background.


  3. are you using manual functions on your camera? if so the aperture affects the depth of focus. thus you can specifically make your background appear out of focus depending on the aperture in order to highlight the object you want the viewer to look at. just a possibility, but very nice effect in your photograph. if you haven’t tried this, you should, it is a lot of fun in macrophotography!


    • I’m shooting in manual and this is a prime lens, so for this picture, I used aperture 1.8, but it’s not how it’s supposed to look like with this lens. The picture I took just before and just after are different (but still the same settings). There is still a bokeh effect, but not like this one. This one is due to a mistake (windy, me moving, or something like that :p). But I’m happy with the result :-)

      As for macro-photography, I tried some extension tubes when I went to Iceland. Was fun. The “real” macro-photography lenses is still a bit too much expensive for me for now :-)


      • that is a low aperture so small movement could be really magnified. my inclination then would be that something was moving but not you otherwise the flower would not be in focus…unless of course you were really trying to focus on something else…:) you could set up an experiment of sorts. anyway, it’s a fun accident!


  4. Beautiful effect Gin whatever you did it turned out very well! Is Weem Woods part of your Scottish trip? Hope life in Leeds is going well – I checked the Harrogate temperatures today out of interest and they didn’t seem too “summery” to me but sometimes air temperatures can be deceptive!


    • Yes, Weem wood was part of our Scottish road trip. It was not too far from Aberfeldy. I’ll come back on that later, but when I sorted out my pictures, I stumbled upon this one and I was quite happy with the results, I couldn’t wait and share it with you straight away ;-)

      It’s around 15°C right now, with occasional showers. It’s not perfect, but I’m not complaining because hot temperature when you are living in a flat is not that great ;-)

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  5. Does it matter how you got it? This photo is stunning and I love it! I love when that happens–you don’t know how you managed to capture such an awesome photo, but somehow you did. :)


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