Inspiration : Looking deep into nature

Flora has always inspired my work since I’ve started to take pictures. Each time I’m walking in the forest, a park, a garden or a conservatory, I can’t help but take hundreds of pictures and sometimes, I’m very happy with the result :p

I’m drawn to colourful flowers and I love to isolate them when I’m taking a picture, using a wide aperture. While I’m outside, inspiration is everywhere.

Two weeks ago, I was at the Valley Gardens in Harrogate, where you can find amazing displays of flowers and herbaceous beds. This is my weekly contribution to the WordPress Photo Challenge : Inspiration

Valley Gardens, Harrogate

 Valley Gardens, Harrogate
Valley Gardens, Harrogate
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
— John Muir
And you, what is your inspiration when it comes to photography ? 

93 responses to “Inspiration : Looking deep into nature

  1. Great job on isolating the colours! Love the large aperture. If you like isolating colours I would like to give you a tip: Read about complementary colours.

    Feel free to remove this comment if you don’t like me promoting my site, but on this page I have explained how you can use colours in your composition:

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Warm regards,

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  2. Gorgeous. I love spring when the flowers are blooming in the Botanical Gardens. I often take photos then too. Otherwise, landscapes & wildlife are my main photo inspirations.


  3. Fantastic photos! I have bokeh envy. :) As far as inspiration in photography it comes in so many forms. For me the key is to be open to what comes into view .


  4. I’m like you—the beauty of the flora in this world is one of my favourite things to photograph. I get so wonderfully lost in it, hours can fly by and it only feels like minutes. Beautiful shots, all three, very inspiring indeed. Nice work! :))

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    • We are on the same page ! :-) I could stay hours in a garden and never got bored. I tried to photograph bugs this time and I managed to get a clear shot, but all in all, it’s very tricky to take pictures of them while they are feeding on the flowers. They are moving all the time !

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  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love all of the vivid colors and you are always “spot on” with your composition! I always enjoy your images and the narratives 😃


  6. Beautiful work. I also enjoy shooting flora. The drought in California is showing on our blossoms. They wither and die so soon. I’m hoping for a wet winter.


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