Walking in the rain, a true Scottish experience

After the visit of the Crannog Center, we had lunch at the restaurant nearby called “The Marina“. We ordered two sea platters. The seafood was delicious, but the service was poor (the waiter was clearly offended when we ordered tap water) and the food pricey. I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Marina - Sea food platter

Falls of Acharn was our next stop and we decided to do a circular walk to see the falls. It was very steep to get there but the woods were lovely to walk in. We finally reached the Hermit’s Cave, an artificial stone-built cave built in the 18th century. From there, we managed to get a frontal view of the falls. At that point, it didn’t feel that impressive, despite the 20 metre plunge. It was probably due to the dense woods surrounding it.

We continued our walk that took us deeper in the forest and tried to take some long exposure shots of the upper falls ! It was fun ! It was also very nice to see the weirdly sculpted rocks and potholes laying in the river bed.

On our way back to Killin, we stopped at Weem Wood for another short circular walk throughout the forest located near Castle Menzies.These woods contain many specimen trees planted by the Menzies family but also nice flowers. That’s where I managed to take the picture of my lucky shot :-) The weather was getting worse but we managed to dodge the bullet and went back to the car before it poured down.

We finished the day at the Old Smiddy, with good food and a desert :-)

The next day, we left Killin under the rain but the sky quickly cleared up. We drove past several beautiful lochs and glens before arriving near Kilchurn Castle. It was extremely difficult to find the road leading to the castle. We missed the road and we ended up in the village nearby. We parked, had a look at the train station and at the castle in the distance before asking people directions.

Glen Lochy

We took back the car and drove more carefully and we finally spot the tiny road, or should I say the dirt track that would lead us to the castle. And then, something awful happened. I dropped my lense in a puddle. It was completely muddy and drenched, but … it still works, it’s a miracle.

The castle was built in the mid-1400s is free to visit and quite well maintain for a ruin. It was a very iconic sight, and some people say it’s one of the most photographed castle in Scotland. The light was obviously not great that day, but you can still get a feeling how beautiful it would be under a blue sky. During some part of the year, the high levels of water in the loch makes the access to the Castle restricted as it becomes a temporary island. How cool is that ?



75 responses to “Walking in the rain, a true Scottish experience

  1. Too bad the food was expensive and service was bad at “The Marina”, but how lucky you were to see the waterfalls, castles, and beautiful landscape!

    Wonderful pictures! :)

    Have a great week ahead and enjoy your Sunday!

    Warmest regards,


  2. I am late reading this post. Sorry! Castles, gorgeous landscapes and yummy food – thanks for the tour. A shame about the poor service though. Having free water to drink with a cafe or restaurant meal is expected here in Australia now. Great pictures as always! :-)


    • Don’t worry Jane ! I’ve just posted it a few days ago… It has been such a long time, but I think I will be back more often. I’ve missed all these interactions with my fellow blogger friends :-)

      Here as well, but some hope that you will get something else with you free water, for example a glass a wine ;-)


  3. You’ve managed to capture some beautiful photos of the Scottish countryside. Believe it or not, my favourite picture is the one with the ram. He plonks himself on the grass and behaves like he owns the place! Too bad about your encounter with the rude waiter. I guess all of us have met such obnoxious people at least one time in our lives. As for the fallen lens, it is indeed a miracle that it can still see the light!


    • Thanks ! It was tricky to take good pictures that day, but I still managed to do ok. The next day it was raining and I don’t really like what I have captured :-)

      I still can’t believe my lense is still working. Maybe its lifespan will be shorter.. no doubt with that.

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. What an amazing area! It has a lot of my favorite things: good food, waterfalls, castles and open spaces. Would like to visit one day.


  6. Such a beautiful castle peeking out from above the hill. It looks very charming and rustic :) So sorry to hear about your lens but also very happy to hear that nothing is wrong with it! I don’t know why waiters would get offended when you order tap water – I do that all the time and maybe they reckon you are cheap. If so, that is quite rude in my opinion. Fish and chips to finish off your first day. Now I want some of that :D


  7. The countryside, castle, etc are lovely but the best thing is … you’re back!! I have actually checked my reader settings several times and double-checked your blog address in search of you! Hope all is well and I look forward to more! :)


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