Have you ever tried Squat Lobster Tails ?

After the visit of Kilchurn Castle, we headed towards Kilmartin, a small village located in the Argyll and Bute region, in order to see a collection of early Christian and medieval carved stones.

On our way, we decided to stop briefly at Arduaine Garden. It wasn’t raining anymore but the sky was still grey and didn’t look that promising so we decided not to pay to visit the garden, but instead we enjoyed the highlands cows that were grazing nearby and had a nice viewpoint of the coast. We also had a coffee before continuing our drive.

Coastal view

When we arrived at the Kilmartin Parish Church, we quickly headed towards the carved stones, also known as Kilmartin Stones, as the sky was becoming darker and darker. There are 79 stones and they all come from old graves dating from as early as the 13th century. The stones were used to cover the graves but they now have been placed inside a little house to protect them from the weather. It was very impressive to see all the intricate carvings.

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The graveyard surrounding the church is quite fascinating as it is quite old.

In the evening, we had food in Oban. We had some Scottish squat lobster tails cooked in garlic butter. Oh my, it was lovely. One speciality in Oban, I highly recommend it !

Have you ever tried it ?


58 responses to “Have you ever tried Squat Lobster Tails ?

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  2. I have never had squat lobster–they look like little fellows. I’m spoiled by the lobsters here in Maine, where we eat the succulent claw meat as well as the tails.


  3. Hi Virginie
    This is the people feel quiet cemetery, which is close to the sea it?
    Oban Scotland garlic lobster tail looks particularly, it is like steamed and not much seasoning, I hope to have the opportunity to try it.:)


    • I had a good break, I’ve started a jewellery business that’s why I disappeared. I’m creating things then selling them on different markets. I have a lot of fun but it’s time consuming.


  4. I’ve never eaten any part of a lobster! I’d love to try it though. The dish you had sounds and looks delicious. I think it’s very special to be able to visit places that have such ancient relics. I enjoy visiting old graveyards and Churches so I would have enjoyed this old Churchyard too. Thank you for sharing another lovely post of a country I hope to visit one day. Great pictures as usual! :-)


    • They look more like crabs than lobsters. And the taste is a bit like a crayfish (a bit less firm than lobsters). Here the lobsters are quite expensive, I managed to eat a lot of them when I was in galapagos islands as they were really cheap. Are the lobsters expensive in Australia ?

      I hope you will visit one day and if you do, we will have a coffee together or a tea together :-)

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      • It would be lovely to meet up! :) Yes, from what I have seen lobsters are very expensive here. Australians tend to eat crabs and prawns which are cheaper. Lobsters are more for expensive restaurant meals and I’ve never seen one on a menu before. Then again, I don’t eat out much! Perhaps it is more common than I think. :-)

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  5. I am actually hungry from that photo of the lobster tails >_< I've been to Oban on my way to Mull but didn't stay too long in Oban, and I've heard great things about seafood in Oban. Now that I've seen this post, I will have to go back to Oban and grab me some of those lobster tails for sure!!! :D


    • I remembered you went to Oban ! We only stayed 2 nights over there. The first night, we arrived in the evening, had some food and we sheltered from the rain in our guesthouse. Then the second day, we left early to go to Mull and we came back late so we didn’t have time to explore the town very much. We just had food over there :D All the things they say about the food in Oban are true !! :D


  6. Looks like something yummy to try for sure. The hall with the Kilmartin stones have an intriguing atmosphere, perhaps in part because they are standing and not lying…


  7. I completely enjoyed this trip to Kilmartin, Gin. Your photos are awesome and gave a wonderful overview of this delightful area. The burial stones blew me away — how wonderful it must have been to have seen them in person. Thank you for the journey. :D


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