Driving through Mull, just like a taste of water which is too little to quench the thirst

After visiting Staffa under the rain, we were lucky to have a blue sky to explore Iona and its wonderful nunnery. After taking the boat back to Mull, we jumped into a coach that would take us back to Craignure where a ferry was waiting to take us back to Oban.

Mull was the last destination of our three isles tour, but I can’t really call it a destination as we only drove through it (which was a bit disappointing but the tour was only 10 hours so it’s impossible to visit everything).

Before entering the coach, I had time to take a quick panorama in Fionnphort. The sea was so blue, it was incredible.

The isle of Mull has been inhabited since the Ice Age and is rich in history. The woman who was driving the coach was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about the past of this glorious island.

The weather was amazing and I took so many pictures from the coach window. I just want to go back to Mull as soon as possible to hike or explore some of the hidden parts of this wonderful island, visit the castle, hikes and see some of the standing stones you can find there.

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That day, we arrived just on time to try the famous Seafood Hut in Oban. The day before, we were too late and it was already closed when we arrived in town. It’s the best place to eat fresh seafood on the Pier at Oban. They serve only a few dishes including lobster, scallops, crabs, etc, prepared on the spot or to take home. We tried the lobster tails, the scallops and the mussels and everything was fantastic ans so cheap ! The scallops in the garlic butter were just a dream and so well cooked… I recommend this place !!

If you have any recommendations about visiting Mull, what to do, where to stay, feel free to share, we are definitively going back there in 2016.


75 responses to “Driving through Mull, just like a taste of water which is too little to quench the thirst

    • The coach tours allow you to learn more about a place and see a lot of scenery in a very limited amount of time. I don’t mind doing 1 day like that but I would be really sick (motion sickness) if I had to spend several days in a row in a bus. It was not that cold, but I would say 20 C.


  1. Just love this place. So natural and untouched by tourism. You really get to see how the locals get on with their daily lives. How wonderful it is to be waking up every morning and seeing all this raw beauty. I would love to visit this place one day. Is accommodation readily available and relatively inexpensive?


    • I think accommodation is a bit like everywhere else in the uk, between £60 and £100 for a double room with breakfast (price for 2 people). I don’t think it’s more expensive. I think you have to book a little bit in advance if you want to end up in the right places.

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  2. Ancient towns and villages are awe inspiring to me… The culture of days gone by have a lot to teach us today, and with the ocean as your front door it must have been heaven both for the food, as well as the freshness. Cheers to a great 2016, wish you the best.


  3. Always a pleasure to catch up with you… thanks for sharing your traveler experiences with us. . Happy new year ahead… All my best wishes. Aquileana ☀★🎇 ~


  4. Today I went to the bookstore to buy a more detailed map of the UK, I see Isle of Mull and Coll and Tiree island … many islands, original Scotland also have these islands, this is increase my knowledge of geography. Britain must cold now and keep warm ,you handmade work must very busy, I hope you can be an endless supply of creative inspiration.
    Merry Christmas to your.🎄


  5. Lovely post Gin .This is the kind of scenery that really makes me want to visit Scotland for longer than I have done in the past and with much more appreciation . Mistynites travel tips and ideas sound wonderful … looks like there will be lots to explore next time round !
    The seafood looks very yummy :-)

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  6. Dear Virginie:
    This seems to be my travel book does not mention the sights, although for me it is a strange place, but I liked the scenery like this image, it is necessary to reach the place of professional tour guides? Or can rely on GPS the guidelines?
    I think I still need a long time to make travel plans to the UK.:(

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  7. Mull is the only place I’ve been to in Scotland, Gin! I was 17 at the time and not really wanting to take part in a family holiday so I didn’t get into the holiday spirit as much as I would nowadays. We stayed in an old cottage that was owned by a family friend so I can’t give any tips on accommodation. Your photos are lovely and the seafood looks superb! I hadn’t realised you’ve come back onto the blog again – sorry or I would have come on here earlier! I’ll gradually catch up on the posts that I’ve missed! Great to read your lovely posts again! :)

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  8. My husband’s grandmother used to visit the Isle of Mull every summer, she talked about it loads, I wish now I had paid more attention as it looks just stunning. Sorry can’t help with any tips but will be avidly reading about your adventures when you return, it looks well worth a second visit.

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  9. You are right. The sky and water are so blue! Did you take the panorama with your phone or camera? It is very straight :D Also very nice photos from the coach and you were lucky not to capture the reflection lights in most of them.

    Garlic butter. Mmmm.

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  10. My list for Mull is long but here goes: Duart Castle which is the one on the rock promontory that you pass on the boat, & round the bay from there is Torosay Castle which has nice gardens to wander round from where there is an alternate view over to Duart Castle. There is also a mini train here if you are so inclined. The drive from Craignure to Tobermory gives fantastic views over the Sound of Mull to the mainland. The woods in this area mean there is often birds of prey flying around. Tobermory has a picture postcard waterfront with multicoloured houses. From here you can take a boat trip along the coast in search of whales, dolphins & sea birds. It is possible to see Glengorm Castle on this trip which is now a B&B. The Mull Theatre is lovely for small scale & local productions. The drive west takes you past a chain of lochs to Dervaig where the sea juts inland & nearby is the beautiful Langamull beach. Further west is Calgary bay where there is a beautiful white sandy beach in a sheltered bay which is perfect on a warm sunny day. On the west coast is the island of Ulva which you can get a boat over to. It’s nice to walk around and feel a million miles from anywhere. The drive to Fionnphort on your own time is a must because this is sea eagle territory but frankly it’s gorgeous anyway. There is also the ruins of another castle on that drive. I recommend driving from Loch Scridain to Balnahard rathar than Balnahard to Loch Scridain because then you get to hit the brow of the cliffs & see the view open up before you. If you like walks you can go see a 60million year old fossilised tree near Loch Scridain called MacCulloch’s Fossil Tree (beware of the tides though!). You can also hike Ben More which is the only Munro on the island. You can walk to the tidal island of Erraid which Robert Louis Stevenson visited & mentions in his novel Kidnapped. There are other beaches & coastal walks to come across as well as whisky to drink & cheese to eat! Beware the midges in Mull in the summer months though! Is it obvious that Mull is my favourite Scottish island?

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    • I was secretly hoping you would comment on this post ;-) Thank you so much for all these details. I’m definitively going to follow your recommendations. Now I just have to find time to go there in 2016. I was thinking may.. I hope I will be able to avoid the midges.


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