Ben Nevis gorge and Steall Falls

We left Oban that morning to go further in the Scottish Highlands, towards Fort Williams and the iconic Ben Nevis. We first stopped at Castle Stalker, famous for its appearance in the Monthy python film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It is known as “The Castle of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh”:-) It was unfortunately too muddy to go down to the castle but the views from the viewing platform were already very satisfying.

Castle Stalker

When we arrived close to Ben Nevis, I wasn’t expecting so many cars… it was impossible for us to find a parking spot in the visitor center car park. The views in Glen Nevis were gorgeous and I understood why this spot was so popular.

Around Ben Nevis

We decided to go straight for food in the Glen Nevis restaurant and Le had the most amazing burger ever, according to him.

Hiking Ben Nevis wasn’t going to happen today, obviously the timing was bad and instead we drove towards Steall Falls, on a single and narrow dirt track. The parking was big enough to accommodate our car and the weather was lovely. The walk was delightful and the Nevis Gorge is just amazing. After walking through the woods, we entered in a grassy meadow where we could see the Steall Falls ahead across the meadow. The Steall Falls were very impressive, being the third highest falls in Scotland (105 metres).

On our way back to Fort Williams we stopped briefly at Inverlochy Castle. Although now a ruin this was one of the most important castles in Scottish history and is worth a visit.

That afternoon was really fun until it started to rain, then we decided to go our accommodation in Fort Williams, had a nap and woke up just on time for dinner. Gorg and Gruel was our choice for that night and the atmosphere and the food was very nice !


I hope everyone had a nice xmas ! Best wishes for the new year xx


89 responses to “Ben Nevis gorge and Steall Falls

  1. When I see pictures of Scotland, it makes me wish dragons were real. That’s the kind of castle I picture for knights to protect against dragons.There’s something mythical about the scenery. That’s a cute pic of you two.

    We decided to do a weird thing – take selfies in a cemeteries because of the comments we get from some friends so we wanted to mess with them. I’m going through our Charleston pics and can’t decided if I should post of graveyard selfie. We just had to take it so when we are showing our trips pics off we’ll slide it in for the people it freaks out.

    We are torn. St Lucia got bumped to December (better for prices anyway). We are headed to Vancouver! No grizzly tour. We can go but we want to see them when they are fatter and have cubs so we’ll go another year in Sept/Oct. Trying to iron out the details of Vancouver. We will divide time between Victoria and downtown Vancouver. Like a lot of the hikes in Victoria. In July we are going to Montreal and Quebec City with my French friend. We ran out of money and vacation time to go to the UK. Vic’s brother will be there for 6 months working and airfare is so go to London right now. Our exchange rate is good too. Torture. Guess we can bump St Lucia but we really miss the beach though. But we’ll see, a lot can happen till the later half of the year. But yay, Vancouver been wanting to go there for several years.


    • I agree with you ! There is something mythical about Scotland, it’s full of ancient history and legends.

      About the graveyard selfie.. I don’t know. I love graveyard, I find them really beautiful and fascinating, and i’ve taken a selfie before on a graveyard on Isle skye in Scotland. I don’t think it would be offensive, as long as you are not dancing on the graves :D

      Vancouver sounds delightful, it’s a place we would love to visit. UK during winter months is not really worth it, it’s grim and it rains all the time. Best period would be from may/june to september

      I’m happy for you, Vancouver ! YAY

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  2. I’m not surprised you needed to eat all that yummy food after your day exploring. Le’s burger looks amazing! We never made it to Ben Nevis when we explored Scotland – the castles around it are just so atmospheric and beautiful


  3. Everything is such a vivid green there Gin. Even though I have yet to see an actual medieval castle (have never been to Europe yet) I am so fascinated by them. Hope to experience them someday.

    Even though there was a change in plans, it was great you got to see the waterfalls. I LOVE waterfalls! :)

    Thanks for sharing!



    • Yes, the green is very green over there, thanks to the rain ;-) I hope you get the chance to visit some countries in Europe at one point. The european history is also fascinating. I love the UK because you can find really old remains here (both from roman and viking ages).

      I also love waterfalls, I find the sound of them very soothing

      Thanks for your visit !


  4. Wonderful photos! Scotland has just about everything a landscape photographer could want: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, woods, shorelines…but I think I’m most envious of the castles.


  5. Aaaah, Monty Python Castle! Such a great shot of it from behind the leaves. Sounds like you and Le were very excited to see it. It must be famous with many people wanting to see it :D

    Le’s burger bun looks so soft – like it would crumbled when he picked it up :D Was that nachos in the last photo shot? Good views, good food, good company; who doesn’t like that :) Best wishes for you this year <3


  6. Looks and beautiful and enchanting place, Gin. The scenery is magnificent and so green! Sounds a wonderful day out – so many interesting spots with the castle ruins too and lovely eateries! Hope you had a great Christmas too and very best wishes for 2016! :)


  7. Beautiful photos of that lovely, moody countryside! The surreal greens and low-hanging mist, the ancient stone castles, the remoteness – it’s all so enchanting! Happy New Year to you!


    • Scotland is very special to me. I love outdoors and I wouldn’t mind living there to be honest. The west Yorkshire is a bit too industrial for me, I would prefer somewhere greener.

      Where were you based ? East or West coast ? I haven’t get the chance to visit the East extensively yet.


  8. Happy 2016, Gin :-) Thanks for all the beauty you shared with us in the past year.
    Magnificent castle, I haven’t seen the movie but if sometimes I see it sure I’ll remember you were once there (y)


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