Old man of Storr and other incredible rock formations

We continued our exploration of Isle skye and it seemed that the fairies had granted my wishes …. no more rain !

We found a museum about fossils on our way, the Staffin Museum, and we decided to stop for a bit, entry was ridiculously cheap and it sounded interesting.

the Staffin Museum

Skye is the best place in Scotland to find fossils from the Jurassic period. In the museum, you can learn and know more about the famous 170-million-year-old dinosaur footprints that were discovered by the museum curator and one of his friend in 2002. You can also find other dinosaur footprints, septarian nodules and fossils.

Nearby, there was this bus stop ! Is it me or this is not straight ? :D I’m sure there is a reason for that but I can’t really figure that out.

Isle skye bus stop

It was difficult to find food on that part of the peninsula,  so we decided not to be picky and stopped at the first place we saw, the High Tide restaurant in Flodigarry. That was good but portions were really small and a bit pricey, I recommend you to bring lunch with you.

The weather was definitively better and we were very excited to continue our visit ! We stopped at different viewpoint to admire the dramatic landscape, the beautiful coast and the interesting rock formations.

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Our next stop was the Old man of Storr. We did the hike through these spectacular geological formations. This was though for me but we were rewarded by a beautiful view over the valley. It was one of the best hikes we did these last few days and my favourite place on Isle of Skye.





Scotland2015 508

After such a difficult hike, we deserved some food ! We went to Portree, to the Caledonian Cafe, and had supper and it was quite good.

In the evening, we tried to get to Nest Point but it was too foggy and it was raining too much to be able to see anything.


94 responses to “Old man of Storr and other incredible rock formations

    • The food was really good. I was surprised by the amount of good food we ate over there. I read the other day that Scotland is now renowned for its fine cuisine in many places. There are a lot of chefs with crazy ideas that are opening restaurants over there.

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  1. Amazing photos Gin – the food looks very welcoming after a tough day hiking! The coastal scenery is spectacular!! No it’s not just you – the bus stop looks as if it is falling over to me! Hope you’re having a good week and have a lovely weekend too 😀

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  2. I was going to say ‘dinosaur footprints, what can be better than that?’. And then you show me this spectacular long waterfall surrounded by lush greenery where it falls directly down this huge cliff. Jaw-dropping!

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    • The centre is made of calcite crystals (the yellow bits). Basically it’s a mud ball formed with sediments and dead animals in the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago. When the ocean retreated, the mud ball dried out and shrank in size and created the little cracks. The shells (made of calcite) from the dead animals get into these cracks and formed calcite crystals.

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  3. Wow, spectacular scenery! I’m so glad the rain held off for you. I hope this makes up for the disappointment of the train trip. The museum looks very interesting too. Beautiful shots! :)

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    • I was quite happy to have finally a dry-ish weather. I was really amazed to see how Isle of Skye looked like under a grey sky, I wish to see it in even better conditions :-) Especially Nest Point, it’s supposed to be very lovely over there as well

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    • Oh you collect fossils ? How interesting. My dad studied paleontology and even if he never worked in his field, he still continues to collect fossils nearly every weekend. When I was little, I was going with him and that was a lot of fun !

      Food for lunch was really small, was still hungry after that ;-) But Dinner was perfect !


    • Not really… It was in June.. so a bit off season and most people take a tour so we managed to avoid them by driving around the other direction than them and when we arrived at the old man, all the tourists that came in bus tours were gone

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  4. Your photos are amazing. The moss green landscape is exactly how I would picture Scotland to be. I love the bus stop but it does look out of place in the surroundings, I guess it’s a topic of conversation?

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  5. I recall the rock formations of the Quiraing, and a most interesting walk, when we were on Skye….I gather a slightly easier walk than that to The Old Man. great views!


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