Deeper into the Scottish Highlands (part 1)

It was already time for us to leave the enchanted Isle of Skye and drove deeper into the Scottish Highlands. A lot of driving was planned that day and the weather was not that bad so it was a pleasant road trip.

Unexpectedly, we drove past a pasture with plenty of highland cows. They were so close to the fences that we had to stop to take a few pictures. With the mountain backdrop, it was really iconic. It’s always when you don’t search for them that you see them :D

We passed close to Loch Carron, which is a sea Loch, and the views were really gorgeous as well. A bit further away, we stopped in Cam-Alltand and had food in Carron Restaurant. It was very fresh and delicious.

Carron Restaurant.

Applecross Peninsula was our next destination. We drove on what’s considered as one of Scotland’s most notoriously treacherous roads, through the Bealach na Ba (also known as Pass of the Cattle). It was very windy up there and we could see from miles away, and the road was indeed very steep and narrow at some places.

Scotland2015 657

Scotland2015 661

We then followed the road towards Ullapool, passed in front of Beinn Eighe, one of the great Torridon peaks and the scenery was just amazing !!! The weather was changing quickly, from menacing clouds to blue sky but we managed to avoid the rain !

We decided to treat ourselves to a very good fish restaurant in Ullapool and we chose the Arch Inn. Everything was amazing, the fish was simply so fresh and delicious.


We slept in Ullapool that night.


89 responses to “Deeper into the Scottish Highlands (part 1)

  1. Those photos of the cows are incredible… I grew up in cattle country in Oregon (USA), and I have to say the picturesque area and personality of these cows make the highlands something special. Fantastic write-up.

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    • I’ve learnt something today.. I didn’t know Oregon was well known for its cows. So I had a look on google and it’s crazy that you can find highlands cows in the US (and in Canada as well !)


  2. Those cows are really cool. I like the fuzzy one. I was thinking it a different animal, like one they get wool from. The sheep in the photo may have provided the wool in my sweaters. I send to both Scotland and Ireland for all my sweaters, knit hats and gloves. I would love to visit there. With New Zealand, I don’t think there are any prettier landscapes in the world.

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    • haha, yeah, you just want to clear out the hair in front of their eyes ! But I’m sure they would look less cool …. ;-)

      Sometimes I really look ridiculous, holding a weird position. I love looking at them, makes me laugh :D

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  3. Elles sont belles ces vaches Highland, très bien photographiées,
    elles ont beaucoup de charmes.. :-)
    Merci pour cette magnifique série.
    Je te souhaite un beau weekend.


    • There is not so much to do in Ullapool to be honest but for us it was the perfect place to sleep after a long drive. And they had a few restaurants that look really good, including the one we went to.


  4. Lol, the mountains are really the pefect backdrop to the cows. It is just like how many tourists books and TV shows describe. Like living the dream :D I really like that shop of the lone sheep later on. It looks so peaceful, like it owns the grass there :D

    Also, always like it when you share photos of your meal!

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      • It most definitely could be worse! Just look at the weather they’ve had lately. I always say to people when it comes to Scotland, expect rain. Then anything else is a bonus. ( Of course I’m keeping my fingers crossed for no rain when I’m home in June, lol)

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