Deeper into the Scottish Highlands (part 2)

We continued our exploration of the Scottish Highlands and the weather was quite good for a change !

We left Ullapool early that morning to explore further North, starting by the Knockan Crag Tail, located South of Elphin. We climbed onto the top of the Knockan Crag and saw some interesting geological formations up there. There were some informative signs and some sculptures all along the trail and it was quite pleasant to climb up there.

Knockan Crag Tail

On the first picture, you can see rocks lying on top of one other. Usually the oldest rocks are on the bottom of a pile and the youngest at the top. But here, it’s the opposite. The top layers are much older that the rocks underneath. This is due to massive forces from deep within the earth that shoved up the older rocks on top of the younger ones as the continents collided.

Our second stop was Ardvreck Castle, a castle built in the 15th century. Many ghosts are said to haunt this place, including the weeping daughter of a MacLeod Chief, who drowned into Loch Assynth located nearby. She accepted to marry the Devil in a pact to save her father’s castle. She has been seen many times on the beach but didn’t get that chance :-)

Ardvreck Castle

We arrived close to Lochinver around lunch time and the sky was a bit moody so we thought it would make sense to have lunch in a restaurant nearby. We went to Peet’s restaurant and it was really good !

Nearby, there was the Highland Stoneware. We thought it could be fun to have a look over there. There was some impressive sculpture outside made of broken pottery pieces. Inside, you could see people making pottery and you could ask questions about their work. Entry was free which is good. It was more of a shop than a museum so I wouldn’t really recommend the place unless you are really in the area.

We took back the car and continued our journey, stopping at Leitir Easaidh car park for a little walk around the loch. The views of the great mountain wall of Quinag were quite pleasant.

On our way, we stopped on numerous occasions.. it was too pretty not to stop at least for a few minutes. We basically followed the North-West Highlands Rock Route to Durness.



64 responses to “Deeper into the Scottish Highlands (part 2)

  1. Suilven is a very long but rewarding walk and climb if you’re ever in the area again. My family and I camp at a place called Clachtoll which is 5 miles or so from Lochinver. Quinag is also lovely as you allude to!

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  2. That layered rock and the ball of rocks (?) look amazing. Thank you for the interesting castle story.The food looks scrumptious too. It’s making me hungry now. A beautiful gallery once again! I’m glad you had a break from rain. It’s been a difficult winter for Scotland.

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  3. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting Scotland! Thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve enjoyed the return visit. As well as Scotland we have several other places in common, including Galapagos. We were there in 1999 and I’ve recently been scanning old photos so that I can write about it soon.


  4. Wonderful journey :) Even though the weather has been crappy in the other pics I liked them. Really like the ruined castle. I keep hoping to spot Lochness monster peeping out of the water!


  5. Le looks like he has a lot of muscle trying to push that big rock. It sort of looks like it will roll all over him and squash him. But that didn’t happen, phew :D That lake South of Elphin looks majestic. The water mirrors a blue tinted mirror. Marvelous shot.

    That cake looks so good and what a big slice you had :D <3

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