Smoo Cave and cute sheep

We arrived close to Durness and we saw this little cute lamb on our way ! I took so many pictures of them ! Look at it, and tell me your heart is not melting :-)

Close to Durness, you can find the Smoo Cave. This is a sea cave and “Smoo” came for the Norse, “smjugg” meaning hole creek or cleft. The cave can be explored by boat or by the path from the car park on the cliffs but when we visited last June, the level water was too high in the cave to be safe to be visited by boat. So we only managed to get to the main entrance that has been formed by the action of the sea and see one waterfall in the first chamber (20 ft high).

Scotland2015 816

Scotland2015 822


Within the cave and the environs there is a wide variety of plants and I enjoyed taking some pictures.



The coast was really nice and picturesque ! After a little wander around, we had some food in The Sango Sands Oasis Restaurant and Bar and we had a great time.

Scotland2015 798

It was full of nostalgia that we took back the car that evening to go back to Ullapool. We were going back to Leeds the next morning.





This Scottish road trip was amazing ! We saw incredible landscape and we can’t wait to go back there ! Hope you enjoyed that series !


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