Beningbrough Hall and its amazing garden !

Beningbrough Hall is an Italian Palace nestled between York, Harrogate and Leeds, and also a National Trust place. You can visit the 18th century mansion, the gardens and the park, have food in their little cafe or visit the farm shop located next door. They offer a wide range of local meat, free-range eggs and local fruit and vegetables, cheeses, breads and preserves. I’ve bought some cheese there and it was really good !

As you know, I’m really crazy about flowers, gardens and botanical gardens, so I had obviously a great time over there and I took many pictures. I was more interested by the gardens, with all the colourful flower beds than by the mansion.











You can visit the Hall but unfortunately, you cannot really take pictures inside…which is a shame (not even pictures without flash). Next to the main hall, there is also a Victorian laundry where you can take as many pictures as you want.

It’s really a nice place, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon !


85 responses to “Beningbrough Hall and its amazing garden !

    • I really recommend the visit. It’s not that far away from Melrose Abbey, Lindisfarne or Rosslyn Chapel, so you can combine the visit with one of these and spend a nice weekend over there :-)


    • I went there end of august beginning of september I think and it was really good ! So many flowers. Not so sure about going there during springtime.

      You didn’t miss much. The gardens were the highlights of that trip !

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    • The cheeses were really good ! I love local products, they taste so much better and it’s good to support the local economy :-)

      In leeds, twice a month, there is a farmer market in city center and you can also find amazing products there.


  1. It is very nice to see so many lovely flowers. We just had several inches of snow and are due for-14°F to start our Saturday morning. I may have to come back here then to convince myself that there will be flowers again.

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    • The weather is very changing these days, I was hoping for warmer days… but the temperatures are dropping again. No wonder why I have a permanent cold ! My body can’t cope with these drastic changes.

      I think the best period is in the middle of summer, the gardens are really colourful. I’m not so sure about the spring since I’ve not been there at that time of the year.


  2. The laundry seems an indirect to visitors. xP (You cannot do anything in the palace so go to the laundry!) Quite fantastic place, it seems a piece of the sunny south and your vision of the flowers (a garden that is a palace in itself) is quite beautiful. Thank you. : )

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      • It depends what happens with the weather I think. My dad says that the daffodils are starting to come out in Harrogate ( so early!) but the crocuses have failed to appear and they normally come through before the daffodils. The theory is that with so much rain and the ground being so waterlogged the poor crocuses have drowned 😒 It’s a pity as my dad has an upstairs apartment, which has a lovely view of the Stray and it is usually a carpet of crocuses at this time of year. Who knows what April will bring in terms of the weather?!

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