Road trip in Taiwan – Exploring Jiufen Old Street

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island. Previous parts:

Keelung night market
Yehliu Geopark

After our visit of the incredible Yehliu Geopark, we headed towards Jiufen (just on time for lunch :p) ! Before entering the city, we found a massive temple a bit out of the way (our satnav took us via a very windy and narrow steep road). We stopped there and we managed to explore it on our own… no one was there ! It was really nice, and all the ornaments and decorations were impressive. Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of its name and can’t really find any information in my guidebook (feel free to comment if you know the name of this temple).

After a break from the rain, we continued our drive and finally arrived to Jiufen, a lovely little village with narrow backstreets that are supposed to be vehicle free… We saw several moppets trying to force their way through the crowds though ;-)

The Old street in Jiufen is very famous for all the local snack vendors. You can find a lot of delicious street food, including taro balls, fried meat and fish, cakes, tea, fruits… I really enjoyed the cool vibe despite being really crowded at some point. It was a different experience than the traditional Night Markets and it shouldn’t be missed.


The street is filled with these delicious snacks, it is very exciting. Almost every tourist who comes to Jiufen would taste a few and we ate a lot of them as well (loving some more than others) :-)

Tea houses in that area are also very popular for both local and tourists. We had nice tea in one of the old tea house. It was very expensive but we loved the experience ! The views were also gorgeous. We spent a lot of time there !  We decided to sit outside but the inside is also incredible, with the natural light from the roof window and the steam coming out of the multiple tea pots.

Jiufen Tea house

We went back to Keelung to have dinner with some friends and they took us to a very local place and it was really amazing. We also tried to have some bubble tea but most of the shops had ran out of bubbles !! (That was crazy).. we finally found some on the night market :p





61 responses to “Road trip in Taiwan – Exploring Jiufen Old Street

  1. wow your photos are sooooo gorgeous! loved reading this because I just went there. It was my favourite part of Taiwan, food-wise, people-wise, scenery-wise and lantern-wise ;) Also thanks for dropping by my blog!

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  2. Such a beautiful temple that you found at Jiufen and I really enjoyed your photos of the winding streets of the old town. It looks like such a lovely town. A very cute little tea house too!
    – Kate

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  3. The temple looks gorgeous Gin – sorry I can’t help you with the name though I’ve loved looking through the photos :) The Night Markets at Jiufen look great – it sounds a bit like a Taiwanese version of Tapas the way you wander round sampling many different dishes! I would adore the Teas Houses – I just love tea! I also found when we went to Bali and it was hot and humid that drinking tea was very refreshing. The little teapots all look so lovely :)

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    • Meihshu helped me in the comment, so I know about it now :-) It’s a very famous temple, one of the biggest of the East.

      Oh yes, it’s a bit like tapas. You pick up a few nibbles, it’s very cheap and lots of choice.

      The tea house was gorgeous (I also love tea very much) and the atmosphere was great. Really overpriced but totally worth it.

      People say the best way to feel refreshed when it’s hot outside is to drink tea

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  4. Dear Virginie:
    This is Jiufen Qingyun temple, mainly in charge of worship God farmland, Qingyun is Taiwan’s north coast famous temple of temples and the land is very large.
    Jiufen beautiful because it is a small village near the sea, many times it is raining and foggy, there are many paths between houses made with stones, I also like Jiufen.

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    • Oh thank you for the information !! This temple was amazing and huge.

      Yes, the streets are really small and I loved it ! It’s very intimate and vibrant at the same time. We had good food over there.

      How is the weather in taiwan right now ? We had snow this morning.

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      • The Jioufen old street are built on the hillside so it has also become its characteristic, Do you have to eat taro ball? it taste very flexible, I feel delicious, ha…ha…..
        This month, the weather temperature changes in Taiwan, so I had a heavy cold and severe allergic nose, I ate a lot of drugs and now I drink a lot of water every day, hoping to be able to stay away from me uncomfortable.
        UK snow? It will be very cold?
        Taiwan now has spring weather, very comfortable…..:)

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        • Yes we tried, we love taro ! We bought some taro cake as well to come back home :-)

          Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell. Hope you will feel better soon !

          Yes, we had snow but it always melt quickly, it’s close to 0 degree so it’s not too cold.

          I can’t wait for the spring to be here !!

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  6. Oh, this looks like a fascinating and DELICIOUS place to visit. (I love bubble tea.) The colours of the place are so vibrant. Gorgeous shots as usual! What a great trip you had. :)

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  7. Love the pictures, they’re fantastic. It just looks so different to any place I’ve ever been before, those narrow streets are beautiful it seems like such a great adventure in every way!!


    • At some points, the streets were really full of people (depending how close we were to a very famous street food stand). The temple was definitively empty. There are so many temple in Taiwan, I think fewer people visit them all ! (we didn’t)


    • I didn’t use a special filter but I’ve increased the clarity level :-) Wanted to give it a go for my street photography because the sky was really grey and the colours were not fantastic


  8. I just showed my kids the statues and they cracked up with it! They’re like “ooh!!! Gargoyles and dragons! Woohoo!!” Sounds like a blast!

    (Im assuming bubbles for bubble are the tapioca beads? Pardon my ignorance! :))

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    • Oh that is so cute ! :D

      They have different type of bubbles. The original ones are the tapioca beads but they’ve also created different popping bubbles with liquid inside (passion fruit, litchi, strawberry). The bubble shortage was general, no tapioca and no other bubbles, it was so sad :D (actually it was funny).

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