Yushan National Park

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island. Previous parts can be found here : Taiwan 

That afternoon, we decided to spend some time around the Eastern entrance of Yushan National Park. The sky was quite cloudy compared to the morning and the weather was not fantastic, but I think it’s always like that in that region.

Nanan River

Nanan River

We left Hualien after an amazing meal and we drove towards the 40 meters-high Nanan waterfall. To get there, we took the highway 30 west from Yuli. It was 2 kms past the visitor center on our left.

Nanan waterfall

Nanan waterfall

We continued our journey for another 6 km to the beginning of The Walami Trail, the eastern entrance to Yushan National Park. It is possible to hike for 2 km to the Shanfeng waterfall without a permit !

With my itchy legs, full of mosquito bites, we entered in this shady low-altitude forest. Along the trail, we kept seeing numerous warning signs for venomous wasps, bears and poisonous snakes. It was a bit scary, especially when we saw some wasps on the trails… knowing how lucky I am when it comes to insects bites.

After walking on a first suspension bridge, we finally arrive and No2 suspension bridge and the impressive Shanfeng Waterfall. A flight of stairs lead down to a bottom-angle view of the Falls. When we encountered many wasps on our way up, we thought it was time to go back to the car :p

Shanfeng Waterfall.

Permit is not required for hiking to the waterfall or to Jiasin Campground a bit further away. A day permit is required for those going beyond Jiasin Campground.  You can apply for this day permit the day of your hike at the visitor center.

We continued our journey towards Taitung were we were going to spend two nights. We arrived quite late and it was really difficult to find food around 8pm, everything was closing down at the night market, that was so weird ! It’s supposed to be a NIGHT market, right ?! Tired of walking under the rain without finding food, we ended up at the Mc Donalds, the poshest place in town, sat next to people in suits and beautiful dresses. This spot was apparently popular for first dates ! That was hilarious !

Our room that night at Midori Mini Cat Hostel was just amazing !

Midori Mini Cat Hostel


57 responses to “Yushan National Park

  1. What gorgeous waterfalls! I’ve missed your wonderful landscapes, interesting facts and yummy food pics. It’s nice to have time to check outyour blog again. :-)


    • Hello ! I’m trying to sort out the thousands of pictures that need to be posted on this blog but I just cannot find the time. I’m good thank you and I’m sorry I cannot dedicate more time to this blog and my favourite bloggers ! :-) The jewellery is good and every two weeks I participate to a big market, and I need to always make a lot of stock in between (that’s why I’m busy but I’m not complaining :-))


    • I was very surprised as well ! I’ve always associated Taiwan to the factories and the cheap clothes but I didn’t know there was so much to see over there. How wrong I was !


    • I love Asian country but unfortunately, the mosquitoes like me a lot as well… :-( That’s the only problem when you visit that part of the world. I know I will end up being bitten and swollen and itchy :-(

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  2. Incredible waterfalls, and your photos show the softness of the flowing water perfectly. The McDonald’s story is hilarious! I love when some goofy memory like that sticks in your head and has nothing to do with the location!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The waterfall looks gorgeous! I wonder if I would have done well on that suspension bridge. What would the depth below? Looks scary! :) Love the room along with the puss in boots decal. Have your been to a cat cafe? It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was extremely high, too high to look at some would say. My legs were trembling and I took a few pictures very quickly before walking fast to the other end ;-)

      I wanted to go to a cat cafe in London last time I was down there but it was fully booked. People book months in advance to get a seat. It’s something I would love to do :-) I love cats :-) Do you have cat cafe close to your home ?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can imagine your fear. Those shots were scary! In Seoul, there are cat cafes. Have to find where they’re located. I’ve seen cats painted on so many murals and even public restrooms that I was fooled into believing that it might be a cat cafe. :)

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    • Je t’avoue ne pas avoir été à l’aise sur ce pont suspendu. J’ai pris quelques photos à la va vite et puis je me hâtée de le traverser. Bon dimanche, profite du soleil !


  4. It is a beautiful country that you visit us.
    Thank you for these wonderful pictures,
    The suspension bridge is amazing, good luck for the crossing.
    I wish you a good Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was definitively not impressed by the night market ;-) Yushan is very peaceful as I think it’s too remote for tourists to go there if they are rushing to go around the island, which was fine for us :-)

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  5. Beautiful views at and around the waterfall. Looks like a great and cool place to hike. But pity about the mosquitoes! Hopefully none of them are poisonous and cause dengue fever.

    That is hilarious, a night market finishing at 8pm :D Usually 8pm is early and that is when you would expect the fun to start lol. Hope the McDonalds was great. You can never really go wrong with that expect that it’s not very healthy :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • They said that the Dengue fever was more in the South and the West, so hopefully I didn’t catch up anything nasty :p

      I know, it was crazy ! Everyone was packing up ! There was no tourists over there and I think locals eat early.

      The Mc Donalds was our last resort, usually we don’t like these kind of places but we were hungry ;-)

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