A little gem on the East Coast and tea tasting !

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island. Previous parts can be found here : Taiwan 

Initially, I wanted to spend that day on Green Island, but after talking to a few locals who told us that it has been spoiled by tourists and that nothing is natural about this island anymore, we decided to change our plans. The owner of the guesthouse in Taitung told us that we would enjoy ourselves better at Sanxiantai, also known as the Terrace of the Three Immortals, a well-known spot for the locals.

We drove from Taitung on the coastal highway towards the North, stopping a few times to admire the gorgeous views. Our first stop was at Xiaoyeliu (“Little Yehliu”, named after the famous Yehliu Geopark I visited in the North, a few days before).


The landscape over there is also very special but maybe not as iconic as its older sister :-) It was very hot that day and I hid most of the time under the shade where I took some pictures of these lovely colourful insects.


A bit further away, the coastline was just stunning, and we managed to find a little cafe to enjoy the views while drinking a refreshing citrus juice !

coastal highway, Taiwan

coastal highway, Taiwan

We finally arrived at destination ! Sanxiantai got its name from the legend saying that three famous immortals once took a rest in this area leaving three footprints, which are the three gigantic rocks ! There is also a very iconic red bridge with multiple arches that connects the mainland to the tiny island containing lots of footpaths and very special coastal vegetation.




We went back to Taitung by the inland road and stopped at Luye Gaotai to taste some tea ! Luye Gaotai is famous for air ballooning and the views from there are quite impressive despite being cloudy !

Luye Gaotai


76 responses to “A little gem on the East Coast and tea tasting !

    • I asked someone to make it using a program because I’m not good with it but it’s my design ;-) I wanted something more personal :D

      Things are going well. Markets in city centre are really busy.

      How are you ?


  1. Ahhhh!!! I’m afraid of bugs! But that’s my favorite picture. They make fascinating photos. Beautiful Taiwan. Our friend was asking us again to go to Taiwan. I have to convince him to go in cooler weather. I won’t be able to handle summer over there. Thing is we’d probably end up ditching him. He can’t stay in the sun too long or he gets hives. Guess we can always eat dinner with him every night. No way we’re missing that scenery.

    We got back from Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. You two would absolutely love it. We weren’t into the city itself but the surrounding areas are spectacular. We wish we stayed by Stanley Park. We didn’t realize how small the city was. When you do make the journey to the West Coast. Check out Vancouver Island. We really loved it there. Haven’t gotten around to posting about that trip yet. This trip made me want to try and experience the wilderness more. Finally made it out of “sissy” hike territory :)

    Did you go to Venice?

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    • Oh I didn’t know you were afraid of bugs ? I don’t mind bugs actually but I’m terrified of spiders so I can understand your fear. In November it’s not to bad, people wear jumpers and things like that.. for us, it was alright but t-shirt was enough. During summer, it’s so hot, I don’t think I could cope with that kind of weather.

      We are planning to go to Vancouver next year, during summer. I hope I will be able to read it on your blog before planning ;-) So I can have some recommendations :-)

      Yes, we went to Venice… I have just SO MUCH to write about in this blog and so LITTLE time. I have at least 10 day trip to write about and the trip to Venice and Mull island in Scotland :-(

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      • Haven’t even posted about any of our Canada trips yet. Can’t believe how fast the year is going by. We are already planning for Halloween. We like haunted houses. We started going to Terror Behind the Walls in Philly. Its a haunted house in an abandoned jail. They do it for fundraising.

        So afraid of bugs. Can’t stand them. Very bad for outdoorsy stuff but a lot of bugs on Vancouver Island compared to where I am – so little bugs. Next year we are thinking of Vancouver Island (want to hit Port Renfew suppose to have Canada’s tallest trees) and Caribbean. We miss the beach. If the budget can fit it – Montreal too. The food was so good there.

        Right now, I’m enjoying my place. First weekend I’ve had top myself since my friends left. I miss my tv and computer. Vic is working this and next weekend. Stinks, we will have time together the last weekend of Aug.

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        • Oh wow, a haunted house in an abandoned jail sound super scary and exciting ! It’s the same here. Le was working last weekend and this weekend, but next weekend I’m in London with friends so we will only have time together end of August :-) And we plan to do archery :-) We have never done it before but it sounds fun


          • Vic loved archery (not my thing). He and his cousin use to go once a week but then their schedules changed. The place is far. It’s better to drive, think it’s in Ozone Park, Queens. Have fun! Stinks, he ended up working the whole weekend – longer than he expected. Worse part is another team messed up and they couldn’t do their testing so they have to work another weekend. It will probably be a mess today for him. Yesterday they were making sure things work ok for trading today.


  2. We loved our visit to the east coast. We did the bicycle trip around the entire country. I haven’t written it up yet but your post brought back great memories!

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    • It was very picturesque and a favourite spot for the locals.. and I can understand why ! In the tourist book I bought here in the uk, they barely mentioned that place.. I think they should put it in the highlights of the East Coast because it’s simply gorgeous :-)

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    • I’ve never really thought about Taiwan before that trip and I didn’t have clear expectation about what I will find over there. People don’t talk often about the country, it’s just well known for the cheap things they manufacture but not for its natural beauties :-)

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  3. Wow, those are some views to and at Sanxiantai. That bridge looks amazing from far. To my eye, it looks a bit like a dragon, a Chinese dragon with a long tail :D I am not a huge fan of cold drinks but that citrus drink looks good. It must have tasted nice after driving for a while – I would have drunk it had I had nothing to drink during the ride :D

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    • The bridge is very impressive but it seemed so long when we were walking on it. After each arch you think you’ve arrived on the other side but no, there was always another one :D Very strange feeling.

      Oh I didn’t know you were not a fan of cold drink ? You always drink hot fluids then ?


  4. Love your photos Gin especially the ones of the coast looking back (with the pink flowers in the foreground) and the bridge looks very impressive with all its arches! The citrus drink must have been so refreshing in the heat – I’m guessing it was very hot and humid (not weather I cope well with too sweaty!). Hope all’s going well – will email properly soon the holiday seems a long time ago now and have been so busy since we got back! Hope you have a lovely Spring Bank Holiday weekend – think it’s nice weather with you at present? Here it’s been cool and quite rainy but we love the contrast from the warmer months it’s so refreshing to be in winter clothes and lighting the wood fire again! :)

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    • It was one of the best day of the trip. I’m so glad they recommend this place to us ! The coast was beautiful, it was a bit hot for me to be honest but the citrus juice was very refreshing and I felt a lot better after drinking it.

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