Road trip in Taiwan – From Sun Moon Lake to Cingjing

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island. Previous parts can be found here : Taiwan 

For our second day around Sun Moon Lake, we visited the Chinese style pagoda. We were alone because all the tourist buses come a bit later than that and it was so enjoyable to have the place for ourselves. We climbed on top of it and had a great view over the lake.

Pagoda at sun moon lake

Sun Moon Lake

We then decided to drive towards Puli to visit the Puli Wine Factory but first we had some food and we found this hot pot restaurant ! It was very fresh and delicious. I’ve realised that I just love hot pots !

Epicure Hot pot restaurant

Hot pot restaurant

The Puli Wine Factory is famous for its Shao-xing Wine made from glutinous rice, wheat or barley and distilled water. The town of Puli offers good climate and pure water and produces delicious wine. They store the wine for at least 30 months in big jars and for some wines, it can go up to 60 months. The museum explains all the fabrication process and everything is translated in English.. it was very informative !

Puli wine factory

We then decided to visit the famous Buddhist temple, Chung Tai Shan temple, nearby. It is the tallest and one of the largest buddhist temples in the world and was built up from donations only. The monastery is very impressive, lavish, but I didn’t feel anything spiritual during the visit. It felt like a business. The statues inside are very impressive and we noticed there were Four heavenly kings situated at the four corners. Apparently, each guardian watches over one cardinal direction of the world.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery

After this little visit, we headed towards our accommodation for the night, in Renai. Apparently, the little mountain village has become really popular with locals these last few years and there is a lot of european influence in its architecture. That was not really what we were looking for. A real tourist trap and even the food was not that amazing but the views were great.


44 responses to “Road trip in Taiwan – From Sun Moon Lake to Cingjing

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  2. Gorgeous views, Gin! :) Can’t quite get over how blue the sky looks. Your posts make me want to visit Taiwan. I think, it might be possible from here. haha! It’s good you’ll missed the tourist buses, they tend to clog everything. :( Hot Pot is Basil’s favourite. I tried it in Japan.

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    • That morning, it was incredible. It’s a bit more in the middle of the country, far aways from the big polluting cities of the East Coast so the sky was really blue and the air super fresh !

      I think you should give it a go ! I can be a bit tricky if you don’t speak mandarin or Okien but with sign language you can go everywhere :D

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    • Well, a hot pot is like boiling water with spices and herbs (it depends what kind of base you want). Then you put your thinly sliced meat or vegetable in it, you let it boil then you eat it with your rice and with some sauce. It’s a very natural way of cooking and you keep all the flavours. I just love hot pot. I would like to do some at home but I need to buy a slicer to cut the meat.. and I don’t have room at the moment to store all the equiment. But yeah, in a way, hot pot is like a fondue. You just replace the cheese or the oil by a kind of soup :-)

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  4. These big wine pots are intriguing – was the wine good? I love your views from the pagoda; even the mist adds to the allure. Once again, I will say that your posts about Taiwan have sold me on it as a future destination!

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    • I know ! It’s a weird choice of word :D I don’t know if they were trying to be a bit offensive to sound cool or if it was a problem of translation :D In any case, the food was pretty damn good indeed :D


  5. You photos are breathtaking I can almost feel the wind in my hair from the top while looking out at the view and I’m wishing instead of seeing it in pictures I was there to take some of own photos. Thank you for taking me today on such a beautiful and exciting adventure. Have a awesome hump day and the rest of your week too. Kat

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    • Thank you Kat ! We stayed for a very long time on top of the tower, just looking at the landscape. We were alone in this quiet and beautiful place and that moment was very special.

      Today I felt a bit sick and weak, so I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Enjoy the rest of your week. Any plan for the weekend ?


  6. The view from the top of the pagoda is so sublime! I went to Taiwan three years ago and I took the train from Taipei to Taitung before flying to Orchid Island, which was very beautiful and peaceful. Love your shots! and the weather does look perfect when you explored the country.

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