Road trip in Taiwan – From breathtaking waterfalls to delicious persimmon fruits

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island. Previous parts can be found here : Taiwan 

We spent the last full day of our amazing road trip with my friend  before taking our flight back to the UK :-)

I’m still so grateful for her and her husband kindness and for having spent the day with us and showing us around Taoyuan. They were lovely and very generous and that day was one of the highlights of this trip.

I was very exciting to meet this other blogger as we’ve been exchanging a lot of messages nearly since the beginning of this blog. The plan was to spend the day with her and her husband and end the day in their mountain cabin. How exciting !

We first visited Lee Teng-Fang House, a Hakka-style historical residence in Daxi. The house itself was built around 1860 by the son of a wealthy merchant, and consists of two main buildings and four side buildings. The house had some beautiful details, especially the roof. It was a nice and quiet place and I would never had thought about visiting this place in the first place, I’m so glad we did !

After this first stop, we headed towards the village of Sanmin, to visit the Bat Cave. It was just a very large overhanging rock rather than a cave, but it was still very impressive. Locals seem to enjoy having barbecues over there and I can understand why ! The forest surrounding it was quite lush and green ! Due to the heat and humidity, I struggled a bit to follow the pace of my guide for the day :p Meihsiu is so fit ! And so is her husband !

We then stopped for lunch and I tried the bamboo tube rice, a local specialty, amongst other delicious dishes. The food was really good and I’m still very grateful of my friend’s generosity towards us.

After lunch, we visited several waterfalls, starting by a small waterfall on the side of road, a hidden spot off the beaten tracks. That was a very nice spot but we didn’t feel like going down.. it was too much effort and way too hot :p

Side of road waterfall

We then drove towards Xiao wu Lai, one of Taiwan’s big waterfalls, famous for its sky bridge. The transparent skywalk is a great way to see the water below our feet by standing on the glass platform, 70 meters high above the bottom of waterfall. We walked around, and enjoyed the surroundings.

Xiao wu Lai

We finished the day by visiting a place where they were drying persimmon in Xinpu. With its famous “September dry wind”, Xinpu is the perfect location for having a persimmon orchard and this place makes excellent dried persimmon! That places still uses a traditional way of drying. They keep the persimmon in the sun up to 7-9 days.

In order to have perfect dry persimmons, they have to be picked on the tress when they are only 70% ripe. I tried some and it was gorgeous !

We spent the night in the mountain cabin and it was a wonderful way of finishing this road trip in Taiwan ! Lots of good memories and we have met lovely people :-) I really recommend a trip to Taiwan !


58 responses to “Road trip in Taiwan – From breathtaking waterfalls to delicious persimmon fruits

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  2. Dear Virginie
    So wonderful memories in November, You use such beautiful words and photos introduce Taiwan, let more people know better.
    It’s my honor to know you and le,If you have the opportunity to travel to Taiwan, please let us accompany you again.
    We are looking forward to meeting with you soon in the UK.:)

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      • As I was doing a higher degree in Japan I did learn the language Gin. I spent 6 months on an intensive Japanese language course 6 hours a day before I went. It was hard work but great when I landed at Narita Airport just outside Tokyo and was able to speak to people and understand them. I’m a bit rusty now but would get by! :-)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh wow that is impressive ! It’s always more difficult to learn another language that has a different alphabet. Well done ! 6 hours a day was really intensive !

          About languages.. do you speak a bit of Icelandic since you go there that often ? :-)


  3. What a perfect way to end the trip. I am still waiting for the day that I can meet up with a blogging friend in some faraway locale! So many bloggers spread out across the world are a great source of info and inspiration, so it must be fun to meet in person! I recently got so much good advice from a blogging friend about her hometown, Seoul, but she was in Europe when I was there! Oh, well … next time! (Your last day looks so fun and interesting!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve met 3 bloggers so far and each time, it was so nice !! I’m sure you will manage to meet up with someone at one point, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect moment. Even if you are in a specific country at a specific time, it does not mean that the other person will be available :-)

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  4. So nice that you got to meet Meishiu and her husband. Haha, they are more fit than you :D They probably do a lot of walking in Taiwan and always see the lovely sights in the country. Also nice to see that you and Le got to chase quite a few waterfalls. It must have been a long walk all day which made you tired not to go up close – then again as you said it could be the weather and a hard climb in general.

    I love the face Le made in the last group shot. He looks very approachable and everyone’s best friend :D

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, it was so nice ! I’ve met three people so far from wordpress and it was each time a very nice experience :-)

      Yes, they probably do a lot of walking.. the nature is so nice over there, I can understand why Taiwanese people love hiking and walk in the mountains.

      Yes, we managed to see a few waterfalls in Taiwan and it was nice. And yeah.. Le is very friendly. You know he is a doctor so he has to be open because he is meeting so many people all the time :-)

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