The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve posted something here ! Just on time for xmas though.. so I hope you all enjoyed the festivities :-) It will go back a few months ago, when the weather was still nice and share with you some memories of a wonderful day trip ! 


The holy island of Lindisfarne is a tidal island located off the Northumberland coast, between the towns of Alnwick and Berwick, not too far from the Scottish borders.

Lindisfarne island

You can only travel between Lindisfarne and the mainland across the causeway when the tide is open. The flatness of the land means the tide comes in very quickly here, and it can be deceptive. People are often unaware of this fact –despite the warning signs all over the place — and tourists do sometimes become stranded on the causeway. It is important to check the tide to plan your journey well in advance (you can check the time here).

We parked in the main car park and explored the island on foot. We had a few hours to spend over there and we decided to visit Lindisfarne Castle. It did not took us too long to walk towards the castle, the island is only about three miles long, so you could easily walk around the whole coastline in a few hours.

Lindisfarne castle

The castle dates back to 1570 and the views from the top of the rock are really gorgeous. Looking around the different rooms and imagining what life would have been like living there was quite interesting !

Close to the castle, you can find a walled garden designed by Gertrude Jekyll at the begining of the 20th century. Its configuration remains unchanged since it was designed roughly 100 years ago but it has however been restored to its former glory.

Lindisfarne castle

Lindisfarne castle

The weather changed abruptly and it was a sign it was time for food !


55 responses to “The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

  1. Lindisfarne! I heard it mentioned by the delightful Cerys Mathews on BBC Radio 6 not long ago (I think it was the Hebrides show). Somebody with a splendidly musical accent read a poem about Lindisfarne, it was splendid. Thanks for taking me where only the eyes of my mind had so far been…

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  2. A very cool trip. The wordpress community misses you two :) The colors are great. The pic with the table and chairs sticks out. I think its because I don’t see cRved old wood that often and when I do its amazing. Love the workmanship. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Have a Happy Near Year!


    • I feel guilty but … I was really lazy and busy at the same time. Weird feeling. I was too busy to blog during my free time.. all I wanted to do was to sit in a couch and do nothing. I miss blogging so I have decided to do it more regularly and I have already started to write 7 posts ;-) That’s my new year crappy resolution :D

      We had a good but unremarkable xmas and new year. We stayed at home this year.. we didn’t have any more holiday :-(

      Happy New year to you too !!


      • Don’t feel guilty, it’s nice to relax in front of the TV. We do it all the time. We’re lazy people so never justify being lazy sometimes it’s good to have you time. We didn’t do too much. Met up with a blogger who was visiting her family in NY and another friend yesterday. Nice to catch up on socializing.

        This summer I started writing post ahead of time. A lot easier. Probably should do that again, don’t have many left.

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    • It was very picturesque ! The castle is so iconic and the whole island has a very nice atmosphere. The weather was not that fantastic the day we visited it, it was very changing.. but it added a bit of drama to the pictures.

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  3. Such a lovely old castle! The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne looks very cozy in your photo, that the place is really not that big at all :D It makes me think that if there are big waves, the waves can crash all over the island and hide it, lol. I’m guessing you ate the lasagne and Le the big burger. A good adventure always makes a good appetite :)

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    • It looks like a lovely place to live in ! And the views are gorgeous from up there.

      Good guess for the food choice, Le is quite fond of burgers ;-)

      I hope you had a nice end of the year. Did you do something special for new year or are you waiting for Chinese new year to celebrate ?

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