A colourful visit to Bodnant Garden

When you decide to join the National Trust you really want to maximise your membership and you try to visit as many places as possible within a year ! That’s what we did ! During a weekend in Wales, we decided to visit a few national trust places over there, including this incredible garden.

Bodnant Garden is located in North Wales, close to Betws-y-coed which was our base to explore Snowdonia national park.

The garden was established in 1874 by Henry Pochin. He and his family filled the garden with plants brought back from all over the world by famous 19th and early 20th century explorers. There is a magnificent collection of magnolias, rhododendrons and camellias, gathered from many different countries. It was not the right season to see them unfortunately, but the leaves were starting to display a lovely colour, which was a nice surprise ! It would be really good to visit it at different time of the year to witness the effect of the changing seasons on the garden.

Bodnant Garden

The gardens are well maintained with all the plants, shrubs and trees marked well. There are so many areas in the garden that it’s difficult to visit it in a few hours, especially when the weather is not at its best but you could easily spend half a day there, under a bright blue sky. We spent most of the time close to the garden around Bodnant Hall that consists of terraced gardens and informal lawns with various flowers beds.

Bodnant Hall

We briefly visited the arboretum but the weather was beginning to get really bad and we had cut short our visit.

Bodnant Garden

As it started to rain, we decided to take back the car. As we were driving, we spotted this lovely cottage and  decided to stop for some cakes and a coffee !

A stop for some cake and coffee



67 responses to “A colourful visit to Bodnant Garden

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  2. Looks so beautiful, Gin. I particularly liked the cottage covered in red and shots of the bloom. Coincidentally, some of the flowers (drooping with big centres) are found in Korea too. Saw them last summer. :)

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  3. Wonderful photos and descriptions of Bodnant Garden and with Wales in general. There seems to be something so elegant and lush about Wales that makes me wish to spend a lot of time there…a very countryside feel, but with history and culture that would make exploring and endless quest :-) Great post and look forward to hearing/seeing more of your adventures.

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  4. Loved all the photos you took of this place, especially the flowers! So healthy, vibrant and alive, if you know what I mean. As for the red cottage, that was the icing on the cake! Hope the inside was as nice as the outside! :-)

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  5. The cottage is so impressive from the outside, with the overgrown vine. Makes one wonder who maintains the place. Not only the fallen leaves, when that time comes, but we learned the vines try to go under the roof & siding. The vining tendrils will do all they can to get into any crevice they can find. It would be near-impossible to take the vine away! As long as the cottage does not need a new roof or siding,the vines look very cool!

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  6. Such wonderful pictures! I am sure it looked a lot better in reality and must have felt amazing to be there. i enjoy visiting National Trust properties as well and recently visited the Wimpole Estate and was blown by the symmetry of the house and the beautiful vast grazing fields…
    Have a wonderful 2017. Cheers

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    • National properties are just awesome ! I love the dedication of the volunteers.. and it’s always a pleasure to visit them. It was really nice to visit ! Thanks for the best wishes that I reciprocate of course :-)


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