Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory is also part of the National Trust and is located close to Wakefield, in Yorkshire. I visited this place last year under a bright blue sky, how lucky !

Nostell Priory

We spent an afternoon there, visiting the house and the gardens. The house was built in the XVII century on a previous 12th-century priory dedicated to Saint Oswald. During the building of the house, they spared no expense until … the money ran out. As a result a lot of room remain unfinished.

In each room, a volunteer gave us some information and quirky facts and I found it really nice !

After the house we visited the grounds, especially the Kitchen Garden which is located behind the Orangery. This is mainly an orchard, with a lot of apple trees and vegetables. There was also some bright flowers that I enjoyed taking picture of.

Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory


Nostell Priory




62 responses to “Nostell Priory

  1. You really know how to capture flowers! Love it! Especially since I don’t see many flowers these days. We bought a couple of potted plants and flowers to compensate the lack of green around. I’m hoping they make it to summer. Haha! :)


  2. Amazing close ups of the flowers and love the bokeh in the background. Lol, money ran out before the building was finished. Sounds like the builders and owners really wanted to go all out and build a really fancy place that looks good and tells a story steeped in history :)

    Very lucky indeed it was blue sky weather. I think that is best for photographing flowers – plenty of sunlight and a lovely blue sky backdrop :)

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  3. I have been a member of NT for several years now and I’ll never manage to visit all the properties and nature reserve they are looking after. This one is on my list now when we go north later this year. The kitchen garden is great, but also the library looks amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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    • There is just so much to see when you are a National Trust member. This year I was contemplating joining English Heritage but it seems that most the places are in the South.. so not that convenient for me!

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  4. The flowers in the garden are gorgeous. However, the pragmatic side of me has kicked in and I wonder why is it that some people have such poor money management skills until they eye have insufficient funds to complete the job. And we haven’t even touched on the high cost of maintaining the estate. No wonder they all have to be sold off to the state government ultimately!

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