Chirk Castle

We decided to spend a weekend in North Wales a few months ago now, in order to climb on top of Snowdonia ! We left Leeds and drove down there, climbed on top of snowdonia, hiked in the Devil’s Kitchen and also visited a wonderful garden under the rain. The last day, the sun was out and we decided to stop at Chirk Castle on the way back to Leeds.

Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle was built in the late 13th century and is currently owned by the National Trust and is only open to the public between March and October. It’s more of a fortress than a lavishly decorated castle, but it was quite interesting to visit something a bit different !

Chirk Castle

The dungeon was quite interesting to visit as the walls are 5 meters thick ! That was very impressive. Some of them contain “murder holes” which allowed the pouring of some hot fluids and other nasty thing to anything/anyone trying to get into it!

We also explored the garden, full of roses, rhododendrons and azaleas. It was not the most overwhelming garden I had the chance to visit, but it was quite pleasant to wander around.

Chirk Castle


30 responses to “Chirk Castle

    • Not the best one I have visited so far but was definitively worth a visit. It was a bit too rudimentary for my liking and the gardens not elaborated enough, I’m kind of a snob when it comes to gardens :p

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  1. Very nice places and pictures of them. You are right that the place is more of a fortress than the castle. I like the climbing green that grows on the wall on the garden side. It softens the solid structure a bit.

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  2. The dungeon makes me think our our friend. His dream home would have 5 foot thick walls, inner courtyard and no windows. That does not sound healthy at all. He wants a fortress from what we have no idea. He is sort of like Sheldon in Big Bang theory but less entertaining.

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  3. That is so fascinating they had the murder holes in the 5mm thick walls! Such great lengths to stop anyone from escaping. Beautiful garden and lovely to see such a dark place become a much brighter one today :)

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    • The walls were really impressive! The garden was quite nice but you can tell that it’s not that popular with visitors and therefore, they don’t invest that much in the maintenance of the grounds …


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