Exploring historic Venice on foot

The best season to visit Italy in my opinion is spring.. temperatures are nice.. not too cold, not too hot, and of course, there are not too many tourists. We really wanted to avoid Easter at any cost so we went there in March and had a fabulous time.

For our first day, we decided to walk from our hotel located in Cannaregio to Piazza San Marco and happily got lost on the way.. there were so many lovely bridges and canals, and as expected, gondolas.

When we arrived on Saint-Marco square, it was really packed up with people and it was truly horrible. It was impossible to move. We managed to find a quiet place close the sea and the gondolas.. it was very pretty.

There was a professional photographer taking picture of a model over there, that was interesting to have a look at them!

After taking so many pictures of the gondolas, we decided to walks towards Santo Stefano and had lunch nearby. It was quite good –to be honest it’s difficult to eat badly in Italy– but I found the portions a bit small, so not the best value for our money. We then walked towards Santa Maria della Salute and had a gelato. That part of the city was much quieter and really nice to wander around.

We decided to give another go at Saint-Marco square, hoping that some of the crowds would have cleared up by that time but it was still packed. We then walked close to the beach towards the Castello, the biggest part of the city.  No more tourists were packed there, only some locals and the little houses were gorgeous. We didn’t end up near Saint-Marco, we kind of got lost in this quiet and lovey part of the town, with colourful houses and laundry hanging outside. It was so iconic!!

We had dinner in a restaurant close to the sea , a set menu with spaghetti with seafood and a turbot dish with a venetian sauce.

It was dark when we got out and we walked back toward Rialto Bridge. It was in repair so not much to see over there. It was getting quite late and all the shops were closing down so we went back to our hotel and called it a day.


75 responses to “Exploring historic Venice on foot

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  2. Spring is really a nice time to visit Venice. Tourists are here during the whole year, but if you wake up very early, you can see San Marco without the crowd ! Anyway, as soon as you leave the tourists spots, you can appreciate the calm and beauty (like in Castello). I went there in early april and I loved Venice ! I like your night shot a lot.

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    • I got up very early on the third day and we managed to see it without any tourists ;-) Thankfully they are really located around San Marco and it’s quite easy to avoid them if you don’t mind walking a little bit :-) Venice is so nice!


  3. We found the only sane time to be in the square was the crack of dawn or in the evening. By then the cruise tours have gone away and it can be quite lovely. Wandering the quieter side canals and just getting lost in the place is often the best way of all to explore.

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      • Yes I think it would be even more crowded than it was back many moons ago when I last went there! It may be a bit quieter in the winter months perhaps but there again somewhere like Venice will always have visitors!

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            • Haha! London is so crazy busy, I was there yesterday and I wouldn’t be able to live there… no big cities for me, I need some space! You were brave living there.. maybe it was a bit quieter a few years ago?

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              • I’m not sure – it does seem busier to me now but maybe that’s because I’m older! I certainly remember the Underground rush hour though fortunately I worked just outside of London in Barnet so I drove against the flow of traffic to get to work. Monsieur worked right in the heart of the city so he had to brave the rush hour each day. We lived in East Finchley a few stops out from the centre so it was a bit quieter there and we had a nice park not too far away. I feel right at home when I visit our daughter in London now but know I couldn’t live there myself anymore!

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  5. Very interesting post! I live near Venice and I love it too, of course! If you like to have a read I too have just published a post about those places in Venice less known :) 💜


  6. Thanks for taking (once again) to Venice. We visited these canals in 2010! The excitement of visiting Venice was such a high! And then, Iceland happened! hahah….Beautiful pictures and quite a departure from your usual pictures of flowers! How have you been?

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    • Venice is very special, I’m glad I visited it but it’s very busy and can be quite overwhelming despite being there at the low season. I’ve read a few books when I was younger about some hidden relic in Venice and some secrete society and it has always fascinated me a little bit.. so I’m glad to have been there!

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  7. Gorgeous photos and so nice to revisit Venice in your post! Last time we went a few years ago it was August, we enjoyed it but I was eaten alive by insects. Spring sounds like a much better option!

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    • My mum went to Venice during summer and she told me the smell was horrible because of the heat and the stagnant water so I paid attention to avoid summer. I didn’t know about the insects!! I think spring or autumn are the best seasons to visit Venice for sure!

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  8. I’ve never been to Venice! I want to go, but I keep putting it off because of the crowds … of course, the longer I wait the worse it will get, until someday the whole thing sinks under the weight of tourism! OK – I’ve just convinced myself to get there sooner rather than later. Glad you could wander away and find at least a few quiet spots to enjoy.


    • The crowds are annoying, it’s suffocating, I won’t lie. but if you get up early you manage to avoid most of them.. also, most of the people stay in the old part of the city close to St Marco square.. and don’t visit the islands in the Venice lagoon. We did it and ditched most of tourists there… my next post will be about it. I think it’s still possible to enjoy Venice if you are not too bothered about not visiting some “”main sights”” like all the museums around St Marco

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        • I think it must be difficult because of the noise and they probably struggle (unless they are involved with tourism and make a living out of it). There are people walking past your home every day, each time you want to go somewhere you have to face the crowds.. I’m not sure I would enjoy living there.

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  9. Reading and see the beautiful pictures of your post, I am getting hungry (even it is morning now:) ) and wanting to visit the place. The place looks so charming and “it is difficult to eat badly in Italy” … hmm. sounds very good.

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  10. Haha, maybe it was good the portions were small. Or you’d be eating soooo much, like soooo much pasta, pizza and cheese 😂 The tourists places did sound very packed and very relaxing to hear you went the other way. The waters look beautiful 😍

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