Canal Grande and other famous sights in Venice

For our last day in Venice, we were determined to see Saint-Marco square before the tourists flock there! We got up extra early that morning and had a look at the square before it was packed with people and it was lovely!

St. Mark’s Square dates from the 11th century but apparently, there was an older church on this site way before that. Tour the Doge’s Palace is located on the square and its facade features beautiful arches and pink and white marble.

We took some pictures, wandered around, and quickly went to see the gondolas on the lagoon one more time (definitively my favourite sight in Venice) :-)

We continued to stroll leisurely the labyrinth made of all the little alleyways and walk along the canal. I think the best way to discover Venice is just to wander around!

It was an early night as we were supposed to take the train to Firenze the next morning.


33 responses to “Canal Grande and other famous sights in Venice

  1. Oh Venice, I’ve always wanted to go but still haven’t made it there. Feel it is one of those must see places:) And so do many many other so probably a very good idea getting up early to beat the crowds. Lovely captures!


  2. I also like to wake up super early when I travel to be able to enjoy a place before it gets too crowded. Fortunately most tourists like to take their time and get up late. :) Lovely photos!

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    • That’s definitively a good tip.. getting up early allows you to really enjoy a place before it gets noisy and over crowded… it is also nice if you like to take pictures :-)


  3. I think it is worth the investing of waking up early to see Saint-Marco square. From the pictures, there were not many people. You could almost get the place for your self. It seems other places from the pictures, there were less people too. They looked wonderful.

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    • It was very nice, we just walked around, looked at all the buildings and it was so impressive! We could realise how big and magnificent it was (which was a bit impossible when packed with people, worried about pickpocket etc)

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  4. It looks so lovely early in the morning – my best time of the day! I might be there this year, let’s see.

    I saw the Gondolas in Las Vegas at The Venetian in December last…they indeed look pretty.
    Nice for you to be able to go back there and enjoy again :)

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    • If you go to Venice try to check out Burano as well, my best memory of this trip :-) Oh yes, they have real gondolas in the Venetian in Vegas now that you mention it! I remember seeing some when I went there a few years ago. Nothing beats real gondola in Italy though ;-) We didn’t do a ride as it was £60 for like 30 minutes and seemed more like a tourist trap than a real enjoyable experience

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      • Exactly, they are quite pricey everywhere…that’s why we didn’t take them in LV also! We thought we would take them in Italy :)

        I would keep Burano in mind…we still have to plan it out.

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  5. What a lovely Saint-Marco square in the early morning. Worth the wake up to beat the rush and also it looked like a nice blue sky overheard so early! Love that laneway shot – going round the corner, walking and discovering more. For me, walking is the best way to discover a place, and it forces you to slow down and take in the sights :)

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  6. Did you get to see the water flood St Marks Square, Gin? Friends of ours visited there and were telling us how they use portable walkways to go through the square at high tide. Wow!


    • No we didn’t it was not the right season of the year. It’s the Acqua alta and it is most likely to take place in November and December. Apparently you need a high tide, low atmospheric pressure and a special type of wind that comes from the Adriatic sea. But I have heard that is quite impressive!!

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